Wardrobe Organization in 3 Easy Steps: How to Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet

That closet filled with your clothes has been overflowing for months, and every time a new outfit settles into your closet, it just gets more overwhelming. Digging through all those disorganized clothes every night adds tons of time onto your schedule, time you could free up to do other things. It might even be so bad that you would rather purchase another black skirt than try to scare it out of that jungle of a closet.

It’s time to stop ignoring the clutter and disorganization. There is a quick easy way to get your wardrobe organized but you have to be willing to grab all that scary clutter out of the jumbled closet and dig right into it. Take all the clothes out of the closet. Every single piece must be removed from hangers and shelves. Start with three piles clearly labeled. It helps to have large bins to sort the piles.?

1. The Keep Pile

In this pile are all the clothes that still fit. They are flattering to your figure right now, not the figure you want to have in six years or the one you had ten years ago. The color isn’t faded. The clothing is a current style that doesn’t need any work to make fashionable again.

2. The Maybe Pile

This pile is for all the clothes that may need some work. They might have a rip that can be easily sewn or need a little bit of tailoring on the leg or waist. This pile is for the clothes that are not wearable right at this moment but easily can be added back into your wardrobe without a ton of effort.

3. The Giveaway Pile

Clothes going into this pile are not ripped, stained or dirty. These clothes are too small, too big or out of style. The small or big items could go to a friend or family member who could use them. If friends and family is not an option then a charity can always use good second-hand clothing.

4. The fourth pile is not technically a pile, it’s the trash.

Any item that is not fixable, not in good shape and beyond redemption should be tossed in the trash. Once the clothes are organized into the three piles, and the giveaway pile is out of the house, the keep pile should be much more manageable. From there, wardrobe organization should be simple. Separate items by function with work and play separate then hang them by color.



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