The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons)TM

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Introduction to the 4x4 Color Analysis and 16 Seasons System.

Do you ever get the feeling that color analysis is so confusing? Are you missing out on building your business because you are not satisfied with what you have to offer? Are you ready to learn all about the color concept, using new easy and straightforward mythologies to take the guesswork out of color coding individuals?

Welcome to our growing team of 4X4 Certified Color Consultants

This is truly a groundbreaking system in the realm of color analysis. The old techniques are becoming irrelevant as new and groundbreaking ideas emerge. ByFERIAL Image Consulting & Training firm has spent many years developing new ways to approach color analyses and the research has finally paid off.

The Four Seasons

Conventional color analysis is based on the four seasons. Autumn is dark and fiery, winter has dark and light colors in sharp contrast, and spring represents growth and has vibrant colors while summer has cool and soft calm colors that reflect full life. This idea has been the foundation for color theory for many years, leading to various fashion, makeup and effects based around the seasons. That is until we realized there is a gray area.

The Gray Area

While ByFERIAL researched new ideas that departed from the Four Season concept, a new gray area started to show. The four seasons didn’t represent every color available, calling in to question various techniques used throughout the years. Delving back in to history, the researchers at ByFERIAL read various types of color theory throughout the ages. Studying the Munsell system, this gray area could no longer be ignored. Munsell based his theory of color on hue, lightness, and color purity. Reacquainting ourselves with this system has helped break through the old four season thinking.

The 4X4 Color Analysis System

The new breakthrough is the 4X4 Color Analysis system. This unique system caters to all skin types. The foundation of the four seasons is kept, but each season has four separate categories.

The Categories

As we know, summer tends towards colors that are cool light but soft, representing nature in the prime of life. The categories for summer are Pure Summer, Tinted Summer, Toned Summer, and Shaded Summer. Each category is fine-tuned to represent a range of colors and helps with a variety of skin tones. Pure summer is the cool and brightest colors of summer, representing the growth of life. Tinted summer holds the lightest hues, harkening back to the sky on a cloudless day. Toned summer is in the medium range, representing the soil and the bark of trees. Shaded summer is the deepest colors, representing the earth and the life that lives on it.

These categories are spread through the rest of the four seasons, leading to a new ways to use fashion, make up and interior design.

This training will help you grow your knowledge and business by simply and accurately analyzing clients. To learn more and become a Certified Color Consultant in the Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 seasons)™ apply below.

The Universal 4x4 Color System – (16 Seasons) Training is conducted LIVE via zoom online over 6 weeks. Once a week, for one hour you will be meeting with your trainer to discuss a specific section of the 16 Seasons. Then you will be asked to apply and practice the skills learnt, making sure you have a good understanding of the subject matter.

You Will Learn:

  • The history of color analysis
  • The color wheel and how it was developed
  • How to identify the Cool & Warm undertone
  • Identify the four seasons/groups
  • The Universal 4x4 Color System - (16 Seasons)® reviled
  • Identify the sub-seasons within the four seasons/Groups
  • How to change from one season/group to another
  • The psychology and message each color conveys
  • The link between personality style & color analysis
  • What to look for when color coding individuals
  • Discuss and share the 4 basic steps and techniques to color code clients
  • Discuss how to conduct color consultation from start to end
  • Show how to select and combine colors in makeup and fashion
After your training you are entitled to use the 4x4 logos and have the designation "Certified 4x4 Color Consultant" after your name to differentiate yourself and stand out in your business.
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