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ByFerial invites you to join the Empower Group, an exclusive tier-based membership community of highly successful image professionals and business experts that will help you build a brand, grow a customer base, and create a business that evolves as you do!

Do you need proven marketing strategies, business tools, and networking opportunities to grow your business exponentially? Do you envision building more than just an income but also a legacy?

If you believe that you are meant to make an impact in the lives of others, and you need a proven and accelerated path to do this, Empower Group is for you!


Premier Business Opportunity for Industry Professionals!​

Trust & Reputation

ByFERIAL is one of the top recognized image consultant training companies in the industry. As the founder of the renowned 4×4 color system – 16 Seasons®, ByFERIAL has trained thousands of image consultants at the industry’s most highly recognized standards. Empower Group brings you decades of image consulting business and marketing expertise and delivers proven methods in a system that can accelerate your personal and professional growth in as little as one year!

Get On The Fast Track To
Building a Successful Business

Top image training professionals in the industry will show you what they did to get to where they are and what common mistakes you can avoid. You’ll get their exact tools, strategies, and proven methods to fast-track your business to success!

Build Your Personal & Professional Brand

ByFERIAL believes that beauty goes beyond more than a word; it’s a way of living the life one deserves. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to feel amazing and build your personal and professional brand from that feeling. You’ll get the personal and the professional tools to build and grow your business, getting it right the first time around!

Find Customers For Your Business

Join a community of image consultant professionals and access networking opportunities that will help showcase your unique talents and highlight your business to the right people. You’ll get access to time-tested and proven, proprietary materials and training courses to help you build your customer base …quickly.

Make An Impact & Build A Legacy

If your vision is to build a business that makes an impact, ByFERIAL gives you a platform for leadership that offers you a framework to mentor other image stylists and help them live the life they deserve! You’ll get the opportunity to build your legacy and make a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.


We’ve helped thousands of image consultants build successful businesses from scratch!  As they grow, their businesses do too. Each membership level meets you exactly where you’re at while giving you the steps and opportunities for continued growth.

$ 40
  • 10% Discount on Tools & Products
  • Certified Personal Stylist & Image Consultant (CIC) Training - Special Offer
  • Access to Weekly Online Empower Group Sessions
  • Use of Empower Group Social Member Logo
  • Quarterly Coaching & Mentoring Sessions with a Certified Master Trainer (Fashion & Color Trends Reports and Forecasting)
  • Listing in the Online Directory
  • Discounted Access to Digital Drapes, Swatches & Booklets
  • Business Templates & Forms
  • Affiliate Program Eligibility (10%)
$ 70
  • All Social Member Benefits
  • 30% Discount on Tools & Products
  • Spotlight Opportunity (Livestreams, Social Media, Newsletter)
  • Certified 4X4 Color Consultant (4X4C) Training - Special Offer
  • Use of Empower Group Skilled Member Logo
  • 4X4 Virtual Drapes (coming soon)
$ 250
  • All Elite Member Benefits
  • 50% Discount on Tools & Products
  • Empower Group Division Leadership Opportunity
  • Use of Empower Group Ambassador Logo
  • Certified Master Image Coach (CMIC) Training - Special Offer
  • Unlimited Acess to 4X4 Virtual Draping
  • Unlimited Acess to 4X4 Digital Swatches
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Case Study Sessions
  • 30-Minute Monthly Consumable 1-on-1 Coaching with Ferial Youakim



Whether you’re just starting a business, looking to grow more customers, or ready to step into leadership and mentor other image consultants, Empower Group has a step-by-step proven system to help you meet both personal and business goals. Being an image stylist is a rewarding and inspiring path, and we make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to grow in every area of the industry!

Business Tools

Empower Group gives you tools to run a successful and lasting image consulting business. You’ll get all the steps to building a successful brand and growing your customer base to take your business to the next level - no matter where you’re at!

Coaching & Mentorship

Empower Group gives you live access to weekly training as well as coaching and mentorship sessions with a certified master trainer. You’ll be able to take your personal and professional brand to the next level with the support that holds you accountable, invests in your success, and guides you every step of the way.


Empower Group gives you opportunities for growth, connection, and impact... all in a community setting that understands and supports you. You’ll get feedback and learn from others’ success stories while learning insider secrets to the customer and business growth from image masters.


Empower Group gives you special pricing for live online, on-demand, and in-person image consultant training programs, tools, and products, as well as business templates, forms, fashion and style reports, and digital drapes, swatches, booklets…and so much more!


Empower Group helps you create a meaningful vision for your life so that you wake up with purpose, certainty, and vision! If you want more from your business than just a job, you can walk a proven path as a mentor and discover the meaningful life you’re dreaming of.


We know that finding a community of like-minded individuals can be tough. You may feel alone in your journey and that’s why we want to invite you to join our Facebook Group. Here, you’ll find individuals who understand what you’re going through and can offer support, advice, and friendship.
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