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ByFERIAL is a Business and Personal Branding, Image Consultant and Color Analysis Training Organization led by Certified Master Image Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur Ferial Youakim. Headquartered in Florida, ByFERIAL has a global network and team and conducts on-site trainings across the globe.

Starting life in a refugee camp and creating a career covering four continents, Ferial’s vision and mission are to empower women of all walks of life to face their challenges head-on, showcase their accomplishments and make a difference in the lives of others.

Meet Ferial Youakim: THE Color Authority

Entrepreneur • Author • Speaker • Philanthropist

International entrepreneur, image consultant and color analysis revolutionary Ferial Youakim’s vision and mission are to empower women from all walks of life to face their challenges head-on, showcase their accomplishments and make a difference in the lives of others using skills and talents. To achieve her vision, Ferial’s 35 year career spanning 4 continents has taken a series of curves and bends – and she has no intention of stopping!

Ferial started life as a refugee in the Middle East and overcame unimaginable tragedy, a lack of education and poor self-esteem. After her family found their way to Australia, she began her career as a Bridal Consultant and later as a department store Makeup Consultant. Both careers helped her discover the importance of instilling self-confidence in the buyer, and the value of color analysis in helping women choose the right fashions and products to understand their personal best and to bring out their best selves and inner beauty.

Ferial Youakim, Certified Master Image Coach

Professional training and certifications in image consulting, color analysis, makeup artistry and corporate etiquette and protocol gave Ferial the tools, resources and information to build on her innate knowledge and aptitude for using color to bring out her client’s inner beauty and give them confidence.

At the same time, it made Ferial acutely aware of the lack of information and materials available on the worldwide marketplace to adequately train and educate image consultants and color analysis professionals.

In 2000, Ferial Youakim launched ByFERIAL

ByFERIAL Image & Color Institute is a revolutionary global image consulting and color analysis training program for professionals around the world. Starting with color analysis principals pioneered by Isaac Newton in 1671 and refined by Albert Munsell in 1905, Ferial invented the proprietary 4X4 Color System (16 Seasons) ® in 2014 and once again revolutionized the color analysis industry in 2020 and released the Revolution Of Color book in 2023. Ferial’s creation of the 16 color seasons completely flipped the traditional color wheel by introducing white, black and gray to add light, muted and shaded to the original 12 pure colors.

Meet Our Trainers

Connie Sims, CPIC


Connie is a Certified Professional Image Consultant. Her passion is to inspire women to look and feel beautiful. In 2023 she combined her knowledge and training in Image with her upscale boutique of 40 years; Wildflower, to merge the two businesses in order to provide clients with the maximum support in creating the most perfect wardrobe that represents their inner and outer beauty. Wildflower has become a shopping destination that provides the finest quality boutique collections with outstanding style, and designs that complement each person’s coloring, body shape, life style, and individual expression.



Dr. Cheryl White, CPIC


Dr. Cheryl White is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Senior Executive with more than 25 years of experience providing strategic and operational consultancy services, coaching and life skills, conflict resolution, and nonprofit leadership. Leveraging extensive experience across numerous industries – including healthcare, insurance, and hospitality. Cheryl is an invaluable asset to companies looking to tap into her extensive expertise in the areas of crisis management, human capital issues, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, and leadership development, as well as her exceptional abilities to analyze and identify procedural problems, provide practical solutions that result in greater effectiveness and productivity, as well as cost-saving benefits.



Mariana Romanica, CMIC


Mariana Romanică makes Image Consulting look like magic, but explains the science behind it. She is a Master Trainer Image Coach i.t. with 11 years+ of experience, being in the industry since 2012. Her Style Studio was the first in Romania to offer 360 ° style services, and still is ever since. Makeovers and 4×4 Color Analysis is what she’s best at, showing the results off with millions of views on social media. A “social media star” and the next “Color Guru” as described by Ferial Youakim herself, Mariana is the East European pioneer in International Image Consulting and Training as part of the ByFERIAL family.


Oya Miranti, CMIC


Oya Miranti has over nine years of teaching experience for leading companies and large communities who want to develop soft skills, especially personality, such as banking, insurance, industrial, BUMN, government, communities, and several universities in Indonesia.

She is a Color Image Consultant and Trainer with several certifications, including International, Certified Image Consultant, Universal 4×4 Color System (16 Seasons®) by ByFERIAL. She also graduated From John Robert Power School, Levels 1-2.

[email protected]

Varsha Chaturvedi, CMIC


Varsha has over five years of experience in Business Management.

Varsha is an Internationally Certified Image Consultant, Master Trainer, Eyewear Stylist, Master Etiquette Trainer, and Certified Makeup Master.

She was awarded Ms. Societal Grace Award in 2020, Delhi City Icon Award 2020 and has been Nominated in Top 10 Image Consultants by Women Entrepreneur Magazine.


Amit Chaturvedi, CMIC


Amit has over 22 years of experience in IT, Business Development & Corporate Affairs.

He is internationally certified Image Consultant, Master Trainer, and Celebrity Communications Skills Trainer.

He was awarded Delhi City Icon Award 2020, Best Image Consultancy Award 2021, Rashtra Ratan Award 2021, Versatile Achievers Award 2021, “Life Journey” featured Navdrishti Times 2022, Best CEO & President in Image Consultancy Services at SMEBIZZ CEO STAR Awards 2022.



ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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