Are you a Fashion Faculty or Fatality?

Everyone should feel great about the way they look. They should be comfortable in their own skin, but also have clothes that reflect their best image. You are a unique person who has a unique style to go along with your personality. Let that shine through with each outfit you wear, even if it is just the sweats and t-shirt you wear doing housework.

Your Image is a Tool

While it is great to be inspired by a style icon, a designer, or anyone we think highly of, it’s important not to copy them. Copying someone else’s style exactly as they wear it does not show who you are. However, taking inspiration from them to make someone all your own shows confidence, style, and creativity. This is an image you can be proud to project.

The hard part is figuring out what your personality style actually is. If you haven’t given it much thought, it can be difficult to pinpoint what suits your personality. Here are some of the more popular and common fashion types.

Your Image is a Tool

Maybe you are someone who looks great in something classic or traditional. These are looks that don’t change all that much from year to year. For example, sweaters and A-line dresses aren’t going to disappear even if minor adjustments are made.

Your Image is a Tool

If you are a girl who still loves the pink walls of your childhood bedroom, you may have a feminine style to you. Skirts, dresses, high heels, and light colors compliment this fashionista and are easily incorporated into everyday wear.

Your Image is a Tool

Even if you are not a feminine girl, that does not mean you have to abandon fashion and style. There are sporty natural styles that work to make comfort work for you with style. Whether you are going to the gym or just want to be comfortable as you go about your daily routine, sporty fashions can let you look good while you do it. The opposite of the dramatic may be the natural. Natural styles usually incorporate earth tones and patterns representative of nature. Feathers, beads, or flowing pieces can be used subtly or with greater impact depending on how much you want nature to speak through your outfit.

Your Image is a Tool

Along these lines are the elegant and chic fashions. These are somewhat of a cross between the classic and elegant. They look great for a night out with the girls or a professional office job. A modern touch to these looks can look extremely chic under any conditions.

Your Image is a Tool

Maybe you are the sexy and alluring type. You can express this in your fashion as well. When done tastefully, you can project your bold sexiness without going over the top. Find the balance that works for you.

Your Image is a Tool

If none of these sound like you, you could be more of a dramatic style. These are looks that turn heads due to their originality. This may be an outfit that has conflicting pattern or colors, or it may incorporate bold pieces. This generally goes hand in hand with a creative, original style that cannot be pinpointed by certain qualities.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks to find your personality style.

However, we know how hard it is to find your personal style, if you need a professional ByFERIAL Certified consultant to find your style and please do consult with us?after all we are here for you.



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