The Monochrome Trend

What’s black, white and chic all over? The monochrome trend, that’s what. Make sure there are no grey areas in your wardrobe by getting on board with the black and white trend. These days women are choosing more and more to dress simply, and exclude colours from their wardrobe. I know dozens of women who?s day to day wear includes BARELY a hint of colour? dressed head to toe in only two shades!

Why is this becoming so popular amongst women of all ages?Monochrome Black & White Trend

  1. You should never feel overdressed or underdressed.
  2. It provides the EXACT amount of class and professionalism for every occasion.
  3. It?s easy to accessorise with? shoes.. bags.. jewellery?the world is your oyster for choice of colour and style
  4. Makeup is easy to match to a simple black and white outfit (A splash of red lipstick can never go wrong!)
  5. It is the ?lazy girl?s? wardrobe: easy to dress in the mornings before an early start!
  6. It makes washing a whole lot easier! (as a girl still living at home I always like to help out my mother in small ways?.)

This trend absolutely does not exclude stripes from the equation? always a fashion staple, and a very simple and flattering style choice.

But advice to all the ladies that LOVE their stripes.. be careful to know how to use these stripes to your advantage to accentuate your figure. Most women wear horizontal stripes in their outfit, unknowingly stretching out their figure and making their frame appear wider. What most women don?t know is that vertical stripes are TENFOLD more flattering and slimming. Unfortunately vertical stripes are harder to find and harder to pull off?

So if you are ever wondering what to wear when you have that 6am wakeup and early meeting, ask yourself.. Why not jump on board this overwhelming trend train? I guarantee a simple and elegant outfit for any occasion!

Remember if you need a tweet or a whole makeover our ByFERIAL team is here to help.?



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