How To Look Great Without Dieting, Exercise Or Surgery

Many women?s makeover incorporates using the right colors, fabrics and style in clothing as well as applying makeup in a fresh way to enhance their own natural beauty. It is amazing what the right wardrobe and style can do without dieting, exercise and/or surgery. You look great, right?? In fact, compared to what you used to look like it is as different as night and day. Did you know that you can take your appearance another giant leap by just adding to and/or working with your accessories?

Throughout time, accessories have dominated the fashion world. In fact, all of the pictures we observe show lavish decorations on all cultures throughout the world since the beginning of recorded history. Museums are full of them. Both men and women adorn themselves for a variety of reasons. These reasons include indicating their gender, tribe, announcing a maturity level and/or a personal achievement. We all recognize the accessory that indicates wealth, marital status and to a lesser degree, glamorous extent or medical conditions. Even today, every culture accessorizes though many have taken accessories to a lower level. We all want to be seen and make a statement long before any words are ever spoken. Your garments will say something but accessories are similar to punctuation, which tells the reader how to interpret that statement.

Accessories bring to mind items that you place on your body once you have finished dressing. That is not so. Your undergarments begin your look and should be well fitted to accomplish your best fit in any clothing. The next accessory to consider is your makeup. Yes, even your makeup is an accessory and should be applied according to the time of day, outfit you are wearing, color palette and/or occasion. Tattoos or other body art and implants are also considered accessories although they are often permanent.

Accessories are a personal choice and not for everyone. If you are the type of person who normally goes everywhere with only the basics i.e. undergarments, shoes and an appropriate handbag, consider trying out more accessories. Take a weekend and shop for accessories. Wear garments you would like to dress up and try all the different ways you can think of to change the look. You might be surprised to find you could have completely different looks with one outfit and several different accessories. Not everything you try will work well but just keep going and only purchase the ones you will wear. If you do not find any that you think you will wear, do not purchase any and try it again another day. Do not give up. You may want to take a friend and/or one of our professional personal shoppers with you to help you make decisions especially those you are not comfortable with. If, however, after your friend tells you it looks great but you still feel uncomfortable keep shopping until you do feel great about your purchase.

When you finish your look make sure you accessorize with Flair. And, please know that we are here for you to help ?YOU? look good and feel great. At anytime if you feel you need a professional help please contact us at [email protected] or call us today (+1 954 328 2732) to schedule your complementary 30-minute phone consultation.



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