Dressing for Your Body Shape

One of the simplest and most overlooked things in the world of clothes and fashion is the ability to know to how to dress our body shape. I often find myself online shopping.. searching.. and dreaming for the perfect outfit to complete my weekend.

BUT! What most young women don?t know is that online shopping, and even shopping in the ?real world? can go WILDLY wrong if a lady doesn?t know how to dress to her body shape.

There are many different body shapes; pear shaped, inverted triangle shaped, hourglass shaped, and several more which determine which style and type of clothing suits your body type. I can?t stress enough how important this is when dressing for both professional and social occasions in which the first impression is key! Before you can even begin to be the best-dressed version of yourself, you must find your body type, and educate yourself about the types of clothes that suit you.

As an example the ?hourglass figure?, classically termed ?perfect feminine shape?, is characterized by?

  • a tiny waist
  • full bust
  • wider hips
  • shapely legs

Here are some suggestions to the type of clothes that might suit an hourglass figure?

  1. Pencil skirts and Bandage Dresses (to accentuate your curves)
  2. Jeans with wide leg or boot cut (to balance out the lower half of your body)

A person with a pear shaped figure, may have to dress to balance out her body by drawing attention to the UPPER half of her body by ?

  1. Featuring stand-out items in the top half of her body, such as brightly colored tops.
  2. Accentuating the waist using belted coats/dresses (as to not create bulk in the upper half of the body that HANGS over the lower portion)

So… it is VERY important to go out and do some research, or consult and image consultant specialist if you are unsure which body type you are, so that you can dress (in whatever style you use), but ensuring it is suited to your exact type of figure, to get the BEST outcome out of your shopping sprees!



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