Style and Color are the Pillars of Success

Style and Color are the Pillars of Success

Holidays are as busy and taxing as they are festive and fun, meaning there are innumerable occasions to look your best and little time to prepare. The New Year is also right around the corner, which offers everyone a chance to make meaningful resolutions toward their future successes. So, it’s the perfect time to learn how to easily, quickly, and dramatically spice up your look with my guide: 6 Steps to Successful Style.

What Is 6 Steps to Successful Style?

This guide is all about self-empowerment through meaningful guidance. It offers you the key essential tools in understanding your own colors and style, and the benefits aren’t just about looking your best.

With this knowledge, your wardrobe becomes a powerful asset to help you shine from purchase to repeated wear. How?

Suddenly, your closet isn’t that overwhelming pit of doom and gloom where half of it gets heaped in a rejection pile that eventually just gets rehung for future battles. It’s time to stop this cycle of self-abuse to your ego, time, and wardrobe budget. Your image will thank you later.

6 Steps to Successful Style helps you become decisive, confident, and empowered in your style choices.

Aside from looking your best, think about the freedom and financial and time savings in having a wardrobe devoid of such rejects. My guide helps you create just such a wardrobe, whereby only items that make you both feel and look amazing exists. No more recycled reject piles.

Are you ready to take your entire image to the next level with 6 Steps to Successful Style?

Success Is Just 6 Steps Away

A jigsaw puzzle can be the prettiest picture ever on the box, but, it looks distorted if you don’t fit all the right pieces into all the right places. Your eye immediately focuses right on those out of place pieces instead of the beauty of the whole picture, right?

Well, the same principle applies to your image. All the pieces must be present and fit if you want a polished, refined look. That’s where the 6 Steps to Successful Style comes into play.

1. Your Fashion & Style

Here’s your first puzzle piece-personal preferences. Having ‘you’ represented is a key element in your image. If it’s not you, it immediately looks inauthentic and forced. That said, this isn’t the only puzzle piece. Learning the best styles for your body type, the right colors to utilize, the best makeup for your face’s shape, hairstyles that enhance your features, and so forth balance personal preference with proven image enhancement strategies.

2. Color Analysis

This is a method of choosing primary and secondary colors that are best suited to your personality and skin coloring. Our brains use color as an interpreter of subjective information, meaning your color choices speak for you often before you say a single word. Even the most perfectly fitted outfit can send unflattering messages if the color isn’t right for you. Color analysis offers a swatch of colors within your personal color system. While there’s no single perfect color, this helps you learn how to apply color correctly based on outfit, occasion, season, messaging, personal changes, and so forth.

3. Fashion Styling & Wardrobe Coordination

Get familiar with your body type so you can discover what uniquely works best for it. Coordinate your wardrobe, and learn how to evaluate your current closet for keepers, discards, and staple additions.

4. Makeup Advisory

Understand how to tailor makeup application for your coloring, face shape, and occasion. Learn proven corrective methods and enhancement techniques, such as contouring, so you can feel confident in your best features and less insecure about the areas you view as flawed.

5. Hairstyle Advisory

A huge image mistake is assuming a great haircut, style, or coloring on someone else is also a great look for you. Learn how to use your own hair’s features to customize a style that enhances your complete image and look. Unlike hairdressers, we don’t leave you to plunder books and digital media searching for a recreation. Our beauty consultants are professionally trained to help you select an ideal length, cut, style, and color for your unique features and preferred look, and your ByFERIAL Certified Consultant will even be available to accompany you to your salon appointment.

6. Skin Care & Hygiene

It’s one of the most often overlooked puzzle pieces, but it’s key to a polished finish. You have the clothes, hair, makeup, and colors for success. Just don’t forget that your skin is the foundation to which it’s all applied. Our AWIS Certified Consultants will assess you to determine the best skin care system for your skin type and lifestyle.

In just 6 Steps to Successful Style you can feel confident and at complete ease with all the facets of your image, including your wardrobe, colors, hair, makeup, and skin. Meanwhile, you’re saving yourself a lot of time, frustration, mistakes, and money.

Invest in your success today by using 6 Steps to Successful Style to ensure you’re constructing your image with all the puzzle pieces in all the right places.



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