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Are Your Clothes Sending The Right Message?

Most entrepreneurs emphasize effective communication because we all know that the words we speak are responsible for conveying the impact we desire. Therefore, most business professionals choose their words carefully, come prepared to meetings with preconceived concepts and ideas, and use communication that is appropriate for both their environment and their audience. While the words…

Color, You, And The 4x4 System

Color, You, And The 4×4 System

Are you completely over the overcomplicating of applying color in your life? The average human can perceive over ten million colors, and most color application systems leave you guessing and confused.  Before you get so frustrated and overwhelmed that you make the mistake of ignoring the importance of color, you should meet the 4×4 Color…

virtual color analysis

How To Do Virtual Color Analysis

Are you ready to go on a color analysis expedition that will leave you wondering why you ever thought color was so difficult? Discover everything about color that you never even knew you needed to know. It’s the perfect time to jump aboard this journey into the depths of some of the most prized industry secrets, such as 4×4 Virtual Color Draping, that some of the most successful pros use every day.

The Evolution of Color

If you would like to learn how to look your best no matter the occasion, you won?t want to miss Ferial?s new book, ?The Evolution of Color.? Inside, you will uncover what color combinations bring out your inner beauty in a way that nobody will be able to ignore.? You will select your outfits and…

Is Your Image Helping or Hurting Your Success

No matter the industry in which you work, you will encounter people for whom success seems to come without effort. They enjoy promotions, special assignments and appear to reach their goals with ease. When you meet individuals, who have that special trait, you know something is different about them, but you can’t explain what it…

Correction and Beauty Enhancement

Because of my mission to help people enhance their image so that they can feel proud of the way they look, someone has recently told me that I should focus on anti-aging solutions, such as fillers and Botox. Rather than promoting those solutions because they can help people, this person suggested that I do so…

The Universal 4X4 Fashion is Science Mixed with Art

The fashion world enjoys dictating the clothes that you wear, and it’s always quick to tell you what’s in style and what’s not. One week, orange is trending, but it’s looked down upon the next. As soon as you buy the short skirt that everyone has been talking about, the fashion world has moved on to the next trend. If you don’t keep up, then you are told that you look hideous and out of place.