Give and You Shall Receive


Whether it’s romance, business, friendships, or holiday endeavors, intention always matters. Giving with the intention of receiving is a mindset that will certainly leave both you and your recipients disappointed. Let’s look at how remembering the reason for the season can set the tone for a monumental New Year.

No Strings Attached

Today, I’m a successful entrepreneur, but my beginnings were humble to say the least. I am a refugee camp survivor and saw firsthand how the needy are often so easily ignored and abandoned when they have nothing to give in return. My past has driven my desire to make a difference in the lives of others however and whenever possible. It’s also enabled me to realize the power and impact of intention.

A simple gift without expectations attached has a direct impact on improving the lives of others. The giver also automatically gives himself/herself a very satisfying gift, and it’s more valuable than any tangible gift the recipient could’ve offered. It’s called
empowerment. Empowerment is all about the ability to become a stronger, wiser, and more confident you, right? Altruistic giving creates an empathy and understanding that boosts all of the above. Give with the right intent, and you’ll immediately feel and see the difference your efforts make.

Three Reasons To Remember That Giving Is Better Than Expecting

1. Offers Innumerable Health Benefits

Gandhi said that losing yourself in the service of others is the best way to find yourself. Science proves him right. Data shows that givers have lower stress levels, improved physical and mental wellbeing, greater purpose, and higher morale than those who expect to always be recipients.

2. Makes You An Influencer

You become an inspiration and influencer to other potential givers. In giving selflessly of yourself, your heroics indirectly help so many more than just a single recipient. Onlookers become inspired and encouraged to do their own part just by seeing you in action.

3. Teaches Life Lessons

Giving is attached to a plethora of invaluable life lessons. Perhaps, for example, you don’t really have a financial donation in your budget, but you adopt a more minimalist and self-sacrificing lifestyle for a few weeks or months to make a real difference in someone else’s life. You easily learn just how much you overindulge throughout the year.

Generosity can also spur how much faith you have in yourself. If someone, for example, can take your small act of kindness and do so much with it, then how much could you accomplish with all of your own blessings?

Give Of Yourself

It’s import to understand that giving isn’t monochromatic. It comes in all shades and sizes. What have you been blessed with and can share? Give of your time, talents, goods, services, attention, love, or other assets.

In fact, sometimes it’s the smallest acts of kindness that make the biggest impact. I get so much satisfaction from giving of my own talents and knowledge in teaching others to act with self-love and confidence, and it’s a gift that recipients can use forever as they continue to fuel their own successes.

In closing, we all have our own journeys to take and battles to win or lose, but what you do with your gifts along the way speaks volumes to your character. Be kind without expectation or intention if you want to feel empowered to make each year better than the last.



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