Mastering Your Style

Successful images begin with choosing the right style to reflect your own individual personality. Always wear clothes that not only flatter your physical shape and age, but also mirror and reflect your own unique beauty and personality. Those who are born with instinctive style are lucky, while others, like me, develop their own from mistakes that they made through the years. The key to mastering your own personal style is to have the confidence to carry yourself with grace and poise.

So why don’t we always look in style?

news200607_aMost people would say that they don’t have enough money, and others would say that they just don’t know how. The good news is that you do not need lots of money to look good. All you need to do is to understand what styles suit your body. An inexpensive garment, if fitted to suit your body, can give you a more expensive look than an ill fitted designer label.

If you don’t know how, the first thing you need to learn is to have some understanding and knowledge about yourself and what would suit your own individual personality. Avoid getting trapped in the past. Old fashion ruts become a hindrance to looking fresh and current. There are seven style personalities to consider:

Classic, Feminine, Dramatic, Natural, Creative, Elegant, and Sexy

So now let’s master our personal style

The Classic Style: Mastering the Classic look is having timeless outfits that are not extreme in fashion. They are tailored and semi fitted so you can actually dress down or up. Classic styles are very versatile and functional. In color and fabric, it is best to go with natural coloring and add dominant and bright colors for accenting. They are at their best in matte surface and traditional prints.

Hair: Classic people like their hair medium length; they don’t like the fuss of looking after it, they like an easy style and length to manage. Classic style is desirable with no dramatic flare in coloring.

Accessories: The classic person does not like any thing extreme in their choice of accessories. Usually accessories are simple, small to medium in size, and nothing too extreme in fashion or color. As a classic person conveys an approach of authority; clean and sleek, they like to be trusted, they are reliable and loyal if you need a job done. The classic wardrobe consists of good quality, and is current and classic in style. Classic clothes are always coordinated with the entire look. There are no more than two to three colors in the entire look with stockings to complement the look of their suit. To finish the look, the classic style is completed with conservative shoes with medium heels.

news200607_bThe Feminine Style: Mastering the feminine look requires elements that are draped and softly structured, in a modest length with small details and soft textured fabrics. Feminine women love their natural fiber with matte-sheen in light to medium colors and prints.

Hair: Feminine people like their hair medium to long. They like the bounce and curls in their hair because it gives them the feminine natural look and feel that they desire. This look is light to medium in hair coloring and often adorned with hair accessories.

Accessories: Soft and gentle looking accessories in a small to medium in size is the feminine choice. Delicate antique looking with curved designs adds to the wispy ideal that is all female. They often like to wear accessories and scarves, matte to semi-sheen in different colors. The feminine woman loves her pearls.

The feminine person is romantic and captivating. The look they convey is relaxed gentle, and caring. They appreciate the fine things in life, like soft and luxurious clothing. They like taking life easy and don’t like to be hurried. In business attire the feminine woman will find it difficult to convey the look of authority because of her soft nature. The feminine style in shoes is medium to high.

The Dramatic Style: The dramatic person loves non-classic looks in clothing. Her clothes are always highly structured with lots of dramatic lines and designs. She prefers big bold prints with lots of colors, crisp fabrics in geometric and abstract designs and patterns.

Hair: Her hair is usually kept in dramatic styles, strict and firm. She likes the look of slicking it back. Most dramatic women prefer dark colored hair but like to add bold streaks and highlights to it. The preference is toward the extreme in length, which is either too long or too short for most other styles.

Accessories: Dramatic women are drawn to the unusual in both look and feel, preferring the large scale, unique, and individual designs. The flare is to be one of a kind, striking, and distinctive.

Dramatic people like to be noticed and to be the center of attention. They give the air of authority and convey confidence in their unique look. They like to be in control in any situation. Their clothes reflect their personality the look of strength and authority in style and color. They like to be around people with energy and excitements. Their heels are medium to high, but never conservative.

news200607_cThe Natural Style: The natural or sporty person loves to wear clothes that are classic and casual in style, and still gives them comfort. These gently tailored clothes are easy to care for, usually in medium to light colors, and practical in style and look. The fabric is made from natural fibers in matte finish and practical in length. Often they are in unmatched pieces with no visible coordination. They love the look of sporty patterns that are structured like menswear.

Hair: Sporty women love wearing their hair in a natural style, which is easy to care for at any length. They love to feel the movement of the hair and that’s why they don’t like the control of hairspray. They do like to have their hair layered and free.

Accessories: Sporty accessories are minimal and simple. Like the classic women, they do not like too much of it, they like their comfort. Simple accessories are plenty for them as they prefer relaxed handbags with sporty watches and accessories. Shoe styles for this woman are medium to low heels.

The natural personalities are very friendly, modest and always look at the brighter side. They generally don’t care about the way they look; comfort is their issue, if you give them a choice, they would rather live in their T-shirt and jeans. The total image they give is comfortable, relaxed, and not restricted. They love being outdoors; they are athletes, and never stand still.

The Creative Style: Creative people like their clothes in unique unexpected combinations. They love mixing all their outfits together they wear their clothes in any style, shape or color old fashion with new structured clothes with flowing, nothing will stop them from being creative in their own world.

Hair: Hair, on the creative woman could be in any shape or color, from natural to outrages, in any length, and in an unadventurous or wild style.

Accessories: Accessories were made with them in mind. They love accessories in any size and weight, and in any unusual shape. Truly creative women are not afraid to show off their body piercing. Hosiery is often worn in daring colors but never in nude.

Creative people are so unique you can’t copy the way they dress even if you tried. They are artistic and very creative; they can actually pull together a complete distinct look by mixing different styles or colors and actually succeed.

The Elegant Style: Elegant people like their clothes to be formal and in top form. They do like the fabric to be the best, with elegant, monochromatic colors. Two colors may often be the limit in an outfit, rather than the commotion of too much distraction in their look. They love the luxurious fabrics and natural fibers like silk and cashmere.

news200607_dHair: Classic and timeless styles are for them. They do like their hair to be too controlled and neat. The ideal is more in hair that is superbly cared for in an elegant style like low bun in the back. No dramatic colors at all, they love the natural look in color and style.

Accessories: Elegant women love real jewelry with gem stones and pearls, or the best quality in faux jewelry, but nothing too glittery. This woman loves to accessorize with scarves. The hosiery is chosen with natural colors and is very sheer to blend with the outfit or the shoes they are wearing. The heels are in a medium size.

Elegant people like their clothes in a superior styles and quality; they convey enrichment formality and wealth. To have developed the style of elegance in a person, they are probably now in their mid thirties or forties. Women of this style convey the look of authority, executive and corporate.

The Sexy Style: No element of classic in the construction of sexy clothes. These are tight, body hugging and show a trendy hemline any length short or long. The look is both in bold and daring or basic colors. The fabrics worn often have glitter and shine into to them. Many are in animal prints with low cuts tops.

Hair: Sexy hair is traditionally medium to long in length. Often it is styled to look uncontrolled and wild with curls, fullness, and bounce. This style is worn in any solid color or may have some highlights around the face.

Accessories: Sexy women love shiny gold or any sparkly jewelry. They often wear multiple bracelets or rings. Strappy shoes in high or flat heels earring in any form drop hoops or medium in size often complement the sexy outfit.

Sexy women’s styles are glamorous seductive and feminine. Sexy people could be very curvy or slender in body form, the look gives one message and the message is exiting and compelling to men. This dress form is sexy and provocative.

Tips To Master Your Own Personal Style:

  • Dress for the occasion
  • Minimize your accessories
  • Don’t be too trendy
  • Invest in jackets
  • Wear classic trousers
  • Don’t wear black everyday
  • Avoid low-cut necklines
  • Wear accessories to finish the look
  • Minimal perfume
  • Dress smartly
  • Be feminine, not sexy
  • Appropriate hemlines
  • Find a consultant to help you
  • Forget floral styles
  • Ditch those extra-high heels
  • Invest in a great hairstyle
  • Make-up current and understated
  • Love what you wear

To master your personal style to flatter your physical shape and age to mirror and reflect your own unique beauty and personality may be challenging. I went thorough a sufficient amount of detail above to help you find your individual beauty, but do consult with us, or a professional, if you feel unsure or need some help at any point after all, we are here for you.



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