Are Your Clothes Getting You Hired Or Fired

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When people say that they have the right to dress any way they please and that no one should judge them for it, we all agree.? While that is everyone?s right, it is not reality.? Let?s be honest even those who do not want to be judged by others do it themselves.? We cannot help it.? Our minds work fast and we want to have an opinion about someone who is in our line of vision, so that we can assess the situation and know what is coming our way.? In the time of the caveman, it was essential to know if who or what was approaching was friend or foe.? Today, we still want to know.? Are they dangerous?? Do they have something of value to add to my life?? Can I trust them?? Can they do the job that I need done?

Even if you dress in a quiet and mousy style, you are still saying something? mostly, you are saying, ?I have no confidence and I may be able to do the job, but I don?t expect you to pay me for it.?? Since you are always saying something, you should always dress to say what you mean, speak of who you are, and show up for the event in a way that makes your statement.

Clothes say many things about who you are, what you are like, where you have come from, and where you are going.? Make no mistake – even if you are sitting at home by yourself, how you look affects your mood and your ability to function at your best level.

You Are in Control

Have you given some thought to the image you project?? Do you know what your clothes say about you?? Do you know what you want them to say about you?? You can dress with complete control of how you will be accepted as you walk out your door.? Your image is up to you.? Others can advise you and give you encouragement, but it is more about how you appear than how those next to you appear.

How you want to be seen by others and what you want them to know about you can be easily stated in your appearance.? Any image you want can be applied through your selection of clothing, your hair color and style, grooming details, your accessories, your shoes, the colors you choose and how appropriate your appearance is for your event or situation.? You cannot look one way and speak and behave in an opposite way.? People are confused and find it hard to trust you.? Get your total image in alignment and watch how opportunities open up for you.

We went through a sufficient amount of information to help you understand sending the right message. Are you in control? Are you sending the right image? Is your close saying what you want them to say? If not please join us at our next upcoming training webinar ?Dress To Impress For Your Success? Tuesday the 6th of September. Book Now as limited spots are available. Or to accomplish a polished image please consult one of ByFerial Certified Image Consultants after all we are here for you. For a free consultation please call to discuss your issues and concerns, or email us at [email protected]



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