Dressing Your Body Type

Beauty Solutions by Ferial Youakim AICI CIP

bodiesLearn how to dress to accomplish a successful image by highlighting your assists and camouflaging less desirable areas. Your challenge can be fun and exciting, or it can be somewhat frustrating and confusing.

We must learn the basic principles on how to dress with intelligence. Before trying to dress ourselves we need to keep our unique personal style, otherwise, we will feel made up or unattractive, because we are trying to duplicate someone else’s look. As an alternative, learn to develop your own sense of style, one that best suits your body type, clothing preferences and personality.

You must first assess your body type before we get started. I am going to list all six of them, to show the differences between figure types. Choose the one which describe your body type the best.

There are six different categories of Horizontal body types:

  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Triangle / Pear Shape
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Fuller Figure

Hourglass Figure

figure_hourglassThe Hourglass figure is considered to be the best figure to work with because it is easy to dress. With hips and bust around the same size, and the waist is 9?-13? smaller.
A person can be a size 18 and still be considered to have an hourglass figure.
Hourglass figure people are at an advantage; as they are actually able wear most clothing styles.

Inverted Triangle Figure

figure_triangleThe Inverted Triangle figure has broad shoulders or a full bust, and carries the weight mostly above the waist. Inverted Triangle figures should wear plain and dark colors on top and be creative on the bottom half to draw attention on the slimmer part of their figure. Wearing a V-neckline will help slim the bust, and wearing long or three quarter sleeves will help divert the attention away from the bust line.

Triangle/Pear Shape Figure

figure_tripearThe Triangle figure is the most common shape among women. They have narrow shoulders or the small bust, and proportionally larger hips and bottom to their waist and bust. Triangle figures will look good in shoulder pads that give the illusion of wider shoulders, while keeping the bottom portion of the body in clean lines and plain dark colors to de-emphasize the lower body. Having a focal point or accessories on the upper body close to the face will draw attention away from the lower larger portion of the figure.

Rectangle Figure

figure_rectangleThe Rectangle figure body shapes have no waist line. Rectangle figures are lanky, thin or big with no apparent waistline. Creating the illusion of having one is the best for this body shape. Wearing wrap dresses or diagonal line tops will give the illusion of a slimmer waist line. Diagonal lines are very flattering on the top part of this figure; which is achieved with color or the design of the garment.

Diamond Figure

figure_diamondThe Diamond figure is the one with a large midriff roll or a stomach which protrudes from under the bust line. The diamond figure should consider layering on the top part of the body to give a slimmer illusion and dress the top portion of the body with simple clean lines and plain dark colors.

Fuller figure

figure_fullerThe Fuller figure carries weight all over with a rounded appearance. The Fuller figure should invest in giving the illusions of vertical and diagonal lines, with the color or style of a garment. A block color all over will help elongate the figure therefore appearing slimmer; a light weight fabric is recommended for this body type; staying away from bulk and texture. Ideally, there should be harmony between you and your clothing. Your clothing should reflect and highlight your assets while camouflaging your problem areas. The best look is wearing fabrics with details that mirror your scale. If you’re delicate, heavy textured fabrics with large scale accessories will overwhelm you, on the other hand, if you’re big-boned, wearing delicate fabrics with tiny accessories will look ridicules and unflattering.

I went through a sufficient amount of information to help choose the right style for your figure type, but if you are still not sure I am here for you please call for a free consultation to discuss your beauty issues or email us.



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