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The second you step foot anywhere, people around you become curious about you, wondering who you are, where you come from and where you are going. They want to know what kind of person you are and the values for which you stand. You might be reluctant to believe it, but you will realize that even you do it when first meeting someone new. These questions dominate the mind no matter if you are meeting people in a social or professional setting.

Regardless of how you spin it, your image is the first thing people notice when meeting you. The way you look determines if you set interactions off on the right or wrong foot. In fact, people base 55% of their first impression on the way you look. They then base 37% of their impression on your body language and the remaining 7% on the words you say.

Use this information to your benefit so that you can close many more deals and get the results you want in life. Start with the clothes you wear each day. Each item you put on says something about you and the way you interact with the world around you. The most important part is to choose a style that compliments your personality and to groom yourself well.

Once you have your style under control, pay attention to your body language. Your body language should convey confidence and show that you are at ease with your environment. Confident body language is open and deliberate. Your arms are uncrossed, and your legs are planted firmly on the ground.

You walk with a purpose and look people in the eye as you pass them. When you speak with people, you are in control of yourself and the movements you make. A confident handshake is firm but never forceful. As for the words you use, make sure you know your business inside and out. Know and anticipate common questions and objections so that you can show prospective partners and clients that you are the expert for which they have been looking.

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