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The modern world teaches us that working hard and putting in long hours at the office is the key to success. Many of us take that advice to heart and are later disappointed to discover that burn out and disappointment are the only things they achieve. The hustle mentality might work well for a select few, but the rest of us need to work smarter, not harder.

If you would like to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur, having a business plan and an exit strategy is vital. Some people are offended by the idea of needing a backup plan or exit strategy. Consider getting in your car and driving to work.

Although you don’t plan on getting into an accident, you know putting your seat belt on is the smart move. Your business will survive over the long run if you have a solid plan in place. The exit strategy comes in handy if you later decide to sell your business and pursue other opportunities. Also, unexpected events that are beyond your control can occur and harm your business in ways you did not expect.

Now, let’s take a look at your business plan. Begin by understanding your skills and practicing them to perfection every chance you get. In addition to working on your skills, set realistic goals for your business and come up with a clear plan to reach them. A winning business plan also looks at your target market and the many ways you can connect with them.

Also, learn the wants, desires, needs and fears of your target market so that you can come up with solutions that grab their attention in ways they can’t ignore. Focus on giving as much value as possible to your clients, and they will reward you. Another important element is making sure your business is on social media.

It’s now time to consider the most critical element of your business plan: giving yourself downtime. Since you are the most vital part of your business, giving yourself time to rest and recharge is critical. Sufficient downtime promotes creativity and a clear head so that you can move your business forward without much trouble.

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