How to Dress for Success

Dressing for work seems simple enough. You wake up in the mornings and you go to your work section of the wardrobe and slap on a skirt and blouse, and your pull your hair back into a ponytail or a bun? But underestimating the importance of dressing for work can let down your professional life in more ways than you can imagine. You have to be completely aware of WHO you are dressing for and WHAT you are trying to achieve.

Who is your target? Is it an employer? Or is it a client or someone you are setting an example for? Dressing for your target is just as important as dressing for day-to-day comfort! Think about the type of industry you are in. Is it fashion? Are you in the corporate world? Are you a medical professional or an intern? You would dress very distinctively if you were in any of these fields!

If you work in fashion?

  1. Use items to advertise and set example to shoppers
  2. You can wear bright colours, and flashy fashion to publicise and market the latest trends!

If you work in the corporate world?

  1. Dress simply and modestly to convey your professionalism
  2. Unlike working in retail or in the world of fashion.. AVOID bright colours and ostentatious patterns
  3. Small heels will increase height and the impression of authority and power. But not TOO high.. you aren?t dressing for the clubs!

Interns and people attending job interviews..

  1. Dress like you would do if you had already gotten the job! It will give an impression you know the industry you wish to work in, and are prepared and eager to dive in!

Although there are differences in dressing for different types of work and in different industries there are some things that EVERYONE should pay close attention to. The first of these is modesty. Modesty speaks loudly of professionalism and wisdom.

Now a final tip for EVERYONE? clean and tidy gives the impression that you take care of yourself, and you are organised.. and therefore that you would do the same for your job and your work on a day to day basis. You are a desirable and organised employee and a hireable prospect IF your appearance reflects care and tidiness. This goes for men too! Looking scruffy does nothing for them in the workplace.

Dress for Success!



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