First Impression

Do you recall Susan Boyle’s first walk on stage?? Do you recall the initial reaction and the first impression she made on others?

When people say that they have the right to dress any way they please and that no one should judge them for it, we all agree.

THE TRUTH – While it is everyone’s right, it is not reality. Even those who do not want to be judged by others do it themselves. We cannot help it. Our minds work fast and we want to have an opinion about someone who is in our line of vision so that we can assess the situation and know what is coming our way. In times of the cavemen, it was essential to know if who or what was approaching was friend or foe. Today we still want to know. Are they dangerous? Do they have something of value to add to my life? Can I trust them? Can they do the job that I need done? Even if you dress quiet and mousey you are still saying something… Opportunities are lost based solely on another’s first impression of us.


Have you thought about what your image is saying about you? Is it sending the correct message?

In order to gain some opportunities you need to dress in a manner to complement your lifestyle and personality. ?When you get dressed in the morning, in order to be on top, you need to evaluate the T.O.P.

Time of the day you are wearing the outfit.

Occasion you are attending

People you are meeting or trying to impress

For all your style and image development please know that we are here for you. Call us today we are more than happy to cater to your needs. ?



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