5 Tips to Look Your Best This Holiday Season

Holiday Fashion Tips

Tis the season of endless holiday parties, family gathering and festive events. A full social calendar means you want to look and feel your best.

Ferial’s 5 Festive Fashion Tips:

  1. You cannot go wrong with wearing LBD (little black dress):
    • The little black dress is a year-round essential in every woman’s closet, but it’s ideal for the holidays. The LBD is easy to dress up and never goes out of style. Plus, black always makes you look slim.
  1. Add some bling to your outfit:
    • The holidays are the perfect excuse to break out the bling. Chandelier earrings are a glamorous accent to any holiday outfit or be bold with a statement necklace.
  1. Wear sexy shoes to glam up your look:
    • Carry Bradshaw taught us all that your outfit is never complete without a fabulous pair of shoes! Leather booties, strappy sandals or stilettos will do the trick.
  1. Have fun with your makeup:
    • Experiment with a red lip or a shimmery shadow. Try something new and have fun. Be sure to test out your look before it’s public debut.
  1. To finish off your look, wear your exquisite piece of jewelry, your set of pearls…your god given pearls your smile.
    • Happy people always look the best!



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