Everything White!

There is something very fresh and exiting about ditching dark colours and embracing fairer hues when the summer rolls around. The end of winter signifies a start of the warmer seasons, and with this comes a change in colour scheme and style.. lighter colours.. less layers.. It?s one of the latest, greatest and newest trends, and a major hit amongst celebrities this season too. ALL white, EVERYTHING white!

A White on white, or a cream on cream outfit is a soft and feminine looking ensemble that can radiate elegance and class as much as an all black outfit can. This season all white is positively glowing, and has become a chic, classy, sophisticated alternative to all the patterns and colour going around.

What are the advantages to this trend? White is the PERFECT colour to a accentuate the golden tan obtained from the countless days relaxing by the pool in the warmer seasons! All white will make you glow like never before.

But there is also also major disadvantages to this season?s latest trend. It is a well-known fact that black is a slimming colour, and is a very easy and flattering option to dress with. White however is not slimming, and can be the opposite of complimentary to some? so it is essential to use it carefully as a colour choice. White pants are hard to pull off.. and it may be easier and more effective and complimentary of an outfit choice to pair black, navy or blue on the bottom with white on the upper half of your body.? You will also always have to watch where you sit, what you eat and what you drink.. BUT, its probably one of the most versatile looks, and a key to nailing a style on whatever situation or occasion!

White is the classic colour, and while other colours come and go? white is still fresh, refined, elegant and luxurious. You will continue to look polished? and it fits into the monochrome trend too!

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