Dressing to a Budget

Not everyone has a credit card with no limits, and most people have the need to limit their spending on a week to week basis. BUT… this does not have to mean sacrificing adding to your wardrobe altogether. It simply means that budgeting is an essential part of your trips to the shops on the weekends! You never have to sacrifice your own personal styles and the fashion that you like, and dressing with style and class because of a budget, there are ALWAYS options!

My first piece of advice is buying items that can be used DIVERSELY and can get multiple wears for multiple occasions. Picking neutral colored items mean that they can match several outfit combinations and can be worn again and again to get the most value out of your clothes. Buying that bright yellow top might feel right at the time? but how many times can you really wear that top? Black, white, grey? you can NEVER go wrong!

Secondly, and possibly the hardest thing to admit? is that maybe the sacrifice has to be the name on the tag? Shopping at branded stores with a big reputation can be everyone?s downfall. Often what people don?t realize is that smaller stores, and stores with less hype around them have the SAME clothes, and the SAME style? just without the label. Avoid the Valentino and the Versace and head to the outlet and look for something similar! There is always a cheaper alternative that will look just as good on you.

? SALES! If you are a brand addict and can?t give up your love for designer items, keep an eye out for those Designer Warehouse Sales that come up every few months. Outlet stores and markets also designer sell items for a cheaper price… even though finding items in your size does become slightly more difficult. Finally, buying clothes out of season might not seem optimal… but everything is half the price when you are buying ?off season? items, and the up-side is the preparation for the next season of dressing!

So remember? there are always options for shopping on a budget, just be prepared to sacrifice the name on the tag!



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