Civility In Today’s Society

In today’s society we need etiquette and civility more than ever. Kids and teens opt not to use their manners as we are living in a vast world of temptations. Aside from the traditional etiquette issues like table manners, proper greetings, gift giving and receiving, today’s teens are facing dangerous decisions; more than ever before.

Teens today are exposed to growing up sooner than they need to due to the social media, phone, internet, texting and constant messages; these factors contribute to the temptations around them and make the dangerous things accessible; like drugs, alcohol, intimacy and bulling.

As a mother of three children myself I believe that the world needs a wakeup call about civility and how to treat each others with warmth and respect. I know that if we all speak in one voice we can make a difference. I am well aware that teens and young adults are faced with lots of challenges in order to achieve success and I know that it is harder than ever before to succeed in today?s society. However today’s kids needs to learn that it is ‘Not Cool To Be Cruel’ to others in order to succeed.

Therefore hiring and Image & Etiquette consultant is an investment into our children’s future success. To teach them how to lead by example, be the role model, behave and get along with others, respect, restrain and communicate properly. Like a simple thank you and please; how to put others at ease.

I encourage you to reach out to your social group, school or network of friends and suggest a meeting for your teens on etiquette and civility, it will make a difference and will give your teens a chance to make a difference it today?s challenging world.

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