Beauty Brilliance

What does beauty mean to you? is it having great hair? Is it having the right clothes? REAL beauty is far more than perfect features and beautiful clothes. REAL beauty is intangible; it is the light that shines in a person’s eye, the warmth in their smile, the joy in their spirit, the compassion in their heart. This inner light has the power to transform any woman into a beautiful woman in other people’s eyes. Why you ask? It?s simple really, because people are instinctively drawn to positive energy.


There will be times in your life, when you meet people that will change your perspective on life, touch your heart with their kindness and humility. Someone with so much warmth, kindness and generosity will always been seen as beautiful, despite their physical appearance. There may be times in your life, where you meet an extremely attractive person, however, their spirit is cool and indifferent and therefore as a result of their behavior, you would then find it hard to see their ?real? beauty.

How to develop your Beauty

1. Media detox – challenge yourself to for-go all magazines for a few weeks or even months. It may be hard for a few of you, but the reason is to challenge the messages the media is sending you about beauty.

2. Get in touch with nature again. Allow the beauty and variety in nature to teach you about your own beauty and uniqueness. Experience serenity that comes with being in nature.

3. Play. Discover a sport, game or activity that you really enjoy and release those endorphins. Discover how your body moves, feel its strength, revel in your vitality! Yoga, Pilates, netball, swimming

4. Volunteer. Studies have shown that helping other people is an essential element of happiness. I have personally volunteered my time in support of Mums On A Mission help to raise funds in aid of my local community, hospitals, schools and organisations like the Cancer Council, The Heart Foundation, The Children?s Hospital At Westmead, The Youth Of The Streets and much more. The experience and the feeling you acquire is amazing and I have found this to be truly rewarding and satisfying.

5. Be your own champion. Every day, remind yourself of your uniqueness and remember the L?Oreal slogan ?you are worth it!? Don’t allow the media to define who you are or should be. My motto in life is that we only live once so enjoy it and be the most amazing person you can be!?

6. Get creative. Exploration is fun and exciting, get busy with creative projects and hobbies. Finding something that completely absorbs you is important, discover new passions and learn new skills. Ever wanted to try writing? What about joining a book club? photography??? Or water color painting??? Make up artistry???

7. Daydream. ‘If you don’t have a dream, how you going to make that dream come true?’ Write down on paper your dreams and aspirations and goals. You could even get creative and make a collage of things that inspire you? it may sound silly, but I do this regularly and find it SO therapeutic.

8. Be interested in other people. Really listen to what they have to say. Make them feel special. You, in turn, will grow in confidence and conversational skills.

9. Have a positive attitude. Be a ‘glass half empty’ kind of girl. Count your blessings, look for solutions, be confident and smile.

Always remember that real beauty is not what you see on the front page of a Vogue magazine. Those images have been nip tucked and touched up in numerous ways to give those women a flawless look. Trying to be like these airbrushed goddesses is ultimately setting yourself up for disappointment, because it is an impossible task ? unless of course you have a glam squad like Tyra Banks and a fantastic Graphic designer on hand!

Instead, set yourself the goal to be the best version of you that you can be. To do that, you need to learn who you are first. The simple truth is that when you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful, inside and out. Your self-confidence is the path to your own individual beauty. Being happy with what you have, who you are and what you can offer is the real secret to happiness and beauty.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Beauty Brilliance and if you are still puzzled and searching for your own unique beauty we at ByFerial Training & Image Consulting are more than happy to work with you to reach your Beauty Brilliance.



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