5 Tips to Guarantee a Precise Color Analysis

Let Your Beauty Shine

Not many women are aware of their skin tone and without proper color analysis; they might end up wearing clothes and makeup that does not suit them. Fortunately, you do not need an expensive tool to find out the type of skin tone that you have. All you need to do is check a spot, for example; the inside of your wrist, to determine your natural skin tone.

This is definitely an easy way to identify if you have warm, cool, or neutral tone. Women with warm skin tone would notice the golden brown or yellow undertones, while those with vaguely blue, olive or rosy pink cast would fall into cool skin tone. If you see both elements of cool and warm or beige tones on your wrist, then you are blessed with neutral tone. As soon as you know your skin tone, it makes it easier for you to buy the perfect makeup for yourself.

Correct Color and Style

Now that you have gone through the skin color analysis, choose a foundation and concealer that work well with your undertones. These two items should be able to help you combat any skin discoloration that you might have and they should fade when blended into your skin. Thereafter, apply a loose, translucent powder with a brush. The next step would be the blush, which can be quite tricky.

You need to ensure that the blush matches your skin color. You would not want to be mistaken as the Chinese opera performer, thus, if you have fair skin, beiges and pinks would be suitable for you. Blush that comes in brown and copper hues are more suitable for warm skin tones, while bronzes and plumbs would be amazing for darker tones. Do not be afraid to try several different hues to find the perfect one for your skin tone.

Janine Before and After

When you buy a lipstick, you need to determine if it suits you. You can do this by swiping it over a white paper napkin. Lipsticks in the shades of red or brown would suit women with yellow undertones, corals or pinks are more suitable for fair skin, while you can choose purples or dark roses for darker undertones.

A color analysis for eye shadows would tell you that those with warm skin tones should use greens, pinks, or browns. To set off cool skin tones, you should go for?grays, blues, or dark green eye shadows. Any eye shadow color suits those with neutral undertones.?

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