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How To Accelerate Your Business In 3 Steps!

Can you feel that it’s time to level up your business, but you don’t know where to start? You must ask yourself one simple question: What do I really want? If it’s to help people, you need to grow. When you grow, you have more influence and money. The key to this process is to focus on building recurring income. The truth is that Twitter, blogging, podcasting, and media production will not do this for you. Focusing on these areas often leads to burn out and frustration. In this blog post, we’ll give you three simple steps you can take right away to get more visibility and create credibility so that you can make a huge impact and accelerate your sales.

Step 1. Build An Email List

The first step in gaining visibility is to create an email list. An email list is a database that you own, can grow for free, and nurture without pesky algorithms or unpredictable social media updates. In fact, it is the most dependable way to ensure consistent exposure to your audience. Experts recommend building an email list of a minimum of 5,000 names in order to be able to monetize it at the level that makes a business impact. One of the quickest ways to build an email list is to partner with experts in your field on live-streams, webinars, or other online events. When people register for your live streams, you effortlessly build up your database. As you promote your events directly through high-profile partners, or affiliates and use their names and images in your promotional materials, you gain both visibility and credibility. More importantly, you build a database to sell to.

ACTION: Find 10 experts in your field and send them an email asking whether they would like to partner with you in a Q & A format livestream, on a topic of your choice!

Step 2. Learn How to Sell To Your Audience

No one should ever sell to their audience without first creating a connection with them. This means you are emailing and communicating with them on a weekly basis. The truth is that connection is currency. Entrepreneurs often find themselves mailing spam emails, getting no response, and end up with stale email lists. Why? There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, they focused too much on selling their own services, versus connecting with the audience and actually asking them what they need help with. The reason your friends trust you more than strangers is because they’ve gotten to know you. They’ve spent time with you. If you’re not prepared to spend time with your audience, don’t expect any sales. First find out what your audience NEEDS. Then start selling them solutions, not services.

ACTION: Send an email to your email list asking them what some of their greatest challenges are? Tell them a personal story of transformation. Start speaking to them.

Step 3. Innovate

Only after doing steps 1 and 2 should you refocus your attention back on your website, social media content production, blogging, podcasting, etc. Once you’ve established a strong email list and you are speaking to your audience regularly, you can set more marketing goals for yourself. Goals mean growth. Without growth, a business turns stuck, you get resentful, and sales decline. Growth is an essential part of continual visibility and credibility. If you are not constantly innovating with new packages, training, service offerings, or products, you are not growing, and neither will your customers.

ACTION: Ask yourself, Am I bored in my business? Where do I feel stuck? Do I need to make an offer to my email list? Is it time to find a new livestream or event partnership?

Is It Time for Mastery?

Do you love helping others, being a mentor, or giving advice? Do you light up when you’re working with your clients and love giving back? It might be time to create a legacy with your expertise. If you’re ready to establish your legacy and leave a lasting mark, go to Empower Group, our business coaching community, and join us as a Master. As a master, you’ll get access to all the support and tools ByFerial offers so that you can help other individuals become leaders and influencers too! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE —>



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