How To Add Makeup Consultation To Your Business!

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One of the main jobs of an image expert is to help bring a client’s inner beauty to the surface. Adding complimentary services like make-up consultations to your styling services adds significant value to both your business and your clients. Makeup has the ability to elucidate a client’s natural grace, harmony, and confidence. It allows a woman to celebrate who she is. Make-up can help bring the desired image out and highlight a client’s personality, color scheme, and also lifestyle. Adding make-up consultations, make-up lessons, make-up applications for special occasions like weddings, or offering makeup services for photoshoots, fashion shows, or runways is a huge revenue opportunity no stylist should be without. So, you’re ready to go and wondering how to package and price make-up services? Let’s check it out!

What Do You Do Best?

There are many areas of makeup expertise. Are you most versed in color analysis and sub-seasons? Do you excel at specific techniques for face shape? Is your expertise in makeup application? Do you want to get involved with hygiene and skincare training and products? Perhaps you are an expert at adjusting skincare to one’s environment and age? The best advice I can offer when deciding to expand into makeup consultations is to select a service that you, yourself, love and also excel in. This allows you to offer a service that you and your client will both be happy about. Moreover, you’ll be able to bundle makeup services as ad-ons and upsell to help clients maintain their desired image, confidence, and most importantly, empower them on their image journey.

Create Your Make-Up Consultation Packages

Next, once you’ve decided whether you are offering makeup lessons, makeup products, makeup palettes, or makeup application services (or all the above), you’re ready to put together packages. Packages will bundle makeup services in with existing styling and image services. Client image goals will always vary, so you want to ensure you are bundling specific package options for your clients based on what they need. Do your clients want to learn how to apply their own makeup? Do they need your services for a specific event? Does a client need makeup looks for different lifestyles, occasions, and events? Perhaps your client simply needs a makeup color palette and a little direction on camouflaging imperfections and enhancing certain features? Makeup is a very powerful tool that every woman can benefit from. Simple, every day, face-saving routines, makeup application tips, and ideal color schemes for makeup help women look young, healthy, fabulous, and radiant…at any age!

Consider the following consultation ad-ons to your image consulting services:

Face Chart Consultations
Help showcase different looks and techniques for each face shape.

Make-Up Demos
Create specific everyday looks clients can select from. As an added extra partner with a makeup company and make a percentage of your sales!

Color Matching Services
Amp up your color analysis offering and help clients match their perfect makeup colors.

Easy On The Eyes
From the office to glam. Offer eye make-up looks based on a client’s lifestyle and personality.

The Brow Factor
Show clients the power of eyebrows with shaping and styling training.

Find your Perfect Foundation
Show your clients how they can hide imperfections and get that glow, by helping them find their perfect shade and coverage.

The Glow Queen
Build a custom skincare routine for your clients based on their skin type and specific needs.

Beauty Advisory
Help clients get their own flawless look with a face consultation where they can learn all about beauty tools and techniques.

Ultimate Lips
So much connection comes from talking, eating, kissing and more! Show your clients how to get the perfect pout, colors, exfoliation, and shape!

It’s Time To Price Your Packages

The best way to price a makeup consultation is to determine the time, resources, skill level, and value of the service you are offering. Skincare and makeup is often considered a luxury service, and allows women to feel pampered and glamourous. Consultations can be done in person and also online. The level of service, the city you live in, the amount of work involved, travel fees, and the quality of care, all factor into pricing packages. A great way to start pricing is to simply see what your competitor is charging for the service. This sets a benchmark for you to move within and then to adjust your prices based on client, service, and each unique situation. High end services can go upwards of $700 and lower end services can go as low as $85.

I’m Ready to Go!

Interested in adding makeup consultations to your image consulting business? Work with ByFerial to get trained in the Universal 4×4 Color System (×4-color-analysis-system/) and offer your clients the highest level of service, with a color palette that balances, harmonizes and enhances your client’s distinctive color features. If you need help building your packages, increasing sales, and creating a successful image and styling business, we’d love to have you in the ByFerial Empower Group. Empower Group is an entrepreneurial business coaching service led by the top experts in the industry. We give you the training and the tools you need to succeed. GET 1 WEEK FREE – ON US! CLICK HERE—>



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