Dressing for the Occasion: Taking Your Cues From The Clues

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No matter what occasion you’re dressing for this season, the key denominator for a successful image is : confidence! When you know who you are and your image reflects that, you are able to convey your message, make a good impression, and influence others in a positive way. Knowing how to dress for any occasion is a powerful skill that greatly influences social signals. Ultimately, this skill comes down to tapping into your identity. In this blog post, we’ll help you tap into the subtle signals of who you are and show you how you can influence your environment with the right signals, at the right time!

Before we go into practical tips that can help you, and your clients, I’ll walk you through a couple of exercises to help you tap into your own unique essence. Grab a piece of paper, and let’s go!

CLUE # 1 : What signals are you sending? What signals do you want to be sending?

Think formal, casual, edgy, professional, flirty, sexy, attractive, young, unique, artistic, mature, powerful, or perhaps, none!

This exercise is an excellent way to see if how you truly feel translates into how others see you. The truth is that your clothing tells other people key pieces of information about you, unconsciously! In fact, it conveys how much money you make, how much power you wield, how smart you are, and how much influence you possess among other things.

CLUE # 2: What specifically about your clothing is sending the current signal you are sending?

For example, is it the colors you wear, tailoring and fit of your clothing, your accessories, the brands you wear, your clothing patterns, or the people you emulate?

These elements give you insight about the tools at your disposal. When you become aware of these subtle cues, you will know what you can tweak to your advantage.

CLUE #3: In your ideal world, how would you like to be perceived?

Now is the time to get honest with yourself. How do you want to impact your environment? What message do you truly want to convey to others?

Formal, casual and laid back, edgy and artistic, professional and wealthy, flirty, sexy or attractive, unique, or powerful, or…?

CLUE #4 How do you want to feel out in the world?

This is one of the most important aspects of meeting your perfect, unique, and authentic image. Start by writing down 3 words that describe the feelings you want to have when you interact with your environment. For example, stable, tranquil, passionate, intense, happy, optimistic, youthful, successful, powerful, mysterious, royal, spiritual, luxurious, stable, natural, reliable, energetic, fun, pure, neutral, quiet, sexy…etc.

Now that we have the perfect roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be, let’s go ahead and look inside your toolbox.

How to Use Colors & Brands

Starting with colors is an easy way to work with what you have, or simply build a new look that matches your desired outcome. If you have not yet done a professional Universal 4X4 Color System color analysis, consider doing so. While each color conveys a specific message in and of itself, it is only when these colors reflect our own natural color scheme when the inside matches the outside and conveys a balanced image and message.

Another easy way to tap into your ideal image is to write a list of brands that showcase your ideal style. For example:

Formal and professional brands: Calvin Klein, Armani, The Limited, Banana Republic, Armani
Casual and natural: Gap, Macy’s, Tommy Bahama, Ralph Lauren
Edgy: Etsy, Zappos, Vintage shops, and thrifting, Dolls Kill, Nasty Gal
Flirty Boho: Free people, Anthropologie, For Love and Lemons
Sexy: BeBe, Revolve, Asos, Gucci

Remember, there are always tried and tested tricks to rely on that can help you create a compelling image, regardless of the occasion.

Convey Your Creativity

Those that want to be seen as more edgy, creative, or artistic can juxtapose cuts, colors, textures and patterns. The goal is to keep the image fun, unique and interesting. Contrast and complexity can be created by mixing fabrics and weight. For example, if you have an edgy personality with a sweet side, you may try a cashmere sweater, scrappy sandals, and a leather skirt.

Look More Professional and Wealthy

When clothing fits correctly, and is tailored to your specific body shape, you are much more likely to come across as professional, powerful, and formal. The goal of this image is to convey conscientiousness and attention to detail. Some tips include exposing only one aspect of the body (bust, arms, or legs), ensuring no clothing piece is too long, too short, too loose, too tight etc, and using menswear to your advantage: think suits, pencil skirts, tailored pants, vests and jackets etc.

Create An Attractive Image

When you are aiming for a more attractive image in general, it is essential to pay attention to your body language. Your body is the medium that conveys confidence. Are your shoulders slumped, your arms folded across your chest, your hip is out? This is why it is essential to wear clothing items that you actually feel physically comfortable in. When you are fidgeting and constantly adjusting yourself, it is impossible to stand in your power. Moreover one of the best tools you can use here is to dress for your body shape. If you have not done a body analysis, this would be a great starting point!

Be Unique

Those of us that want to simply stand out, and express a unique aspect of our personality will benefit greatly from patterns. Whether you’re opting for fun patterns like floral or something more sophisticated like stripes, the sky’s the limit with patterns. Simply be aware of your body shape to match the right pattern to your personality! Another way to experiment with your body type is to choose unique shapes that compliment your figure. Playing with shapes can create more balance in your look, and highlight your best assets.

Feel More Powerful

While bold colors and business attire are definitely a go-to, the truth is that formal clothing actually makes you think like a leader. In fact, studies have proven that those who negotiate in suits negotiated 10 percent more profit than those that dress casually. Power comes down to establishing trust, intelligence, confidence, and dominance with your look.

So, there you have it folks! No matter where you’re at in your life, you can use your image to unlock a positive impact, influence your environment, and strongly convey your intentions and inner self. If you would like to receive more professional training on how to apply style and image to change your life, or you’re ready to support others in their style and image journey, JOIN BYFERIAL EMPOWER GROUP. CLICK HERE & GET 1 WEEK FREE, as well as access to top image training programs, coaching support, special discounts on styling tools, and so much more!



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