Your Image & Manners

We are sure you are well aware that nowadays, manners are much more than saying thank you and please. A great deal of your manners today is based on your culture, society and being civil to others.

Today?s business is conducted in social environments around the world, at dining tables, caf?s, hotel lobbies, bars and other public places.? Therefore your table manners need to be polished and proficient. Your manners are very essential and will leave a lasting impression on others.

However keep in mind that in today?s society your manners alone cannot deliver miracles. Your image is also a main ingredient to the impression you leave. Image and manners go together and you cannot have one without the other. We want you to know that there is no amount of plastic surgery or money spent on the most expensive designer makeup, clothes, or hairstyle that will compensate for having bad MANNERS.

So why do people today lack manners

Years back it was a requirement that all schools offer etiquette training. Even at home mothers use to teach their children all about etiquette and manners. Sadly to say it is no longer accessible at schools and mothers nowadays are working harder than ever before and do not have the quality time to teach their children about etiquette and manners.? Unfortunately this subject matter faded away through the years and it seems it can only be seen on TV in old movies.

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