Fashion and Style for Housewives

Most housewives don’t feel the need to look stylish and wear makeup, but it is still important to look and feel your best. Dressing up nice and wearing makeup is for all ages. Just because you are married and have children that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try your best to look beautiful.

Stylish Outfits For Special Events

A nice dress that shows your figure is one of the most fashionable outfits for housewives. Whether? you are petite or curvy, a fitted dress with a waisted belt is very stylish and is perfect for a special occasion. A quick tip- For women who have dark skin, wearing clothes that have bright colors will suit you. Wearing dark colored dresses will emphasize your dark skin. If you have light skin, dark colors will suit you. It depends on the belt.

Every Day Outfits That Are Stylish

Everyday looks still need to be stylish and fashionable. Since it is already fall, scarves have become very “in” lately. 60’s coats are the trending styles in the fashion industry, and leading the very stylish coat with skinny jeans will be perfect for any event. Wedges would? also be perfect for this outfit, and after you have put these fashion items on, you will see how stylish you look.

Makeup For Housewives

A women’s face gets forgotten as they get married and have children, but you should always have a little time to doll up before you leave. It is recommended to women who are middle aged to wear mineral makeup so that they can cover the tiny wrinkles and dark spots. Uneven complexion can easily be covered by makeup, because it is known that makeup can decrease ten years of age.

Makeup For Special Occasions

Here is a short makeup tutorial for special occasions. First, protect the skin by applying base all over, afterwards apply a mineral based foundation to even out the skin. Then, conceal any imperfections by doubling up the concealer directly on the areas, and then, finish off by applying mineral powder so that the foundation doesn’t slide around. Define the eyebrows to create thicker eyebrows, because makeup artists have said that thick eyebrows makes a women look younger. Then apply blush and lipstick, then you?re done. When older women wear too much makeup they tend to look older, so basically less is more.

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