The Universal 4X4 Fashion is Science Mixed with Art

The fashion world enjoys dictating the clothes that you wear, and it’s always quick to tell you what’s in style and what’s not. One week, orange is trending, but it’s looked down upon the next. As soon as you buy the short skirt that everyone has been talking about, the fashion world has moved on to the next trend. If you don’t keep up, then you are told that you look hideous and out of place.


As a fashion stylist and image consultant, I want to speak up and help fashion victims by showing them the only rules that they need to follow:

  • Embrace Your Body
  • Wear Harmonious Colors
  • Wear Clothes That Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Wear Clothes that Fit Your Budget

Rather than trying to follow what the fashion world dictates, choose a style of clothing that works for you and complements the shape of your body. Doing so allows you to highlight your assets and to draw attention away from the areas that you don’t want to be noticed. But no matter what you choose, ensure that the colors are in harmony at all times. With the correct hue, value and intensity, you will look younger, healthier and more vibrant than ever before.


Life is busy and can get complicated, so it’s important you always select a style that works for you. Each time you decide what to wear, keep your personality in mind. Finally, don’t get so caught up with the must-have pieces that you overlook your budget.

To free people from fashion slavery, I would like to draw your attention to something that is going to revolutionize the fashion industry. The 4×4 is a 16-piece collection that was carefully crafted by Ruth Fattal Haute Couture. In addition to matching your body and personality, it will also fit into your budget.


But that’s not even the best part! We are so excited about this collection that we are inviting those who would like to start a career as a stylist and personal branding expert to partner up with us. Savvy men and women who are passionate about fashion and who love people from all walks of life are the perfect fit. We will provide free training, and you can call or email us at [email protected] to get started.




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