Tiny Touches That Can Spoil Your Look

Tiny Touches That Can Spoil Your look

Have you ever heard the saying about the devil being in the details? It means that mistakes are often found in the least examined places, and it’s very true of your image.

Every Image Detail Matters

When it comes to image, you start with a blank canvas to freshly design each and every day as you see fit. Every brush stroke you make towards your look tells the world a plethora of information about you before you ever say a single word.

Image is so much more than just having the right accessory, blazer, or shoe in your closet. From your head to your toes, every single item you put on your body works collectively to establish your ‘look,’ your image.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the specific selection of items that’s speaking for you. Every single characteristic of those items also communicates something about you, which is why even the smallest misstep in the details can ruin all your other great choices.

Whether you’re a professional, dating, or aiming for PTO president, your image is the first thing people notice and use to form judgments about you. Onlookers don’t just see the big picture of your image. No, they’re looking at everything and using that information to make assumptions about you, your brand, your credibility, your ethics, your personality, and so forth.

Let’s look at a few of the ways that neglecting the details can cause onlookers to make some not so favorable assumptions about you.

Are The Details Destroying Your Image Design?

You’ve done your homework or briefly consulted with a personal stylist, but you just can’t figure out why your look is a hindrance verses an asset. The problem is likely in the overlooked details.

• Are you wearing clothes that are sized to fit your body and don’t look too small nor large when you stand, sit, or move?

• Does the sizing/fit/design/capacity allow pockets to stay in place and not create unwanted lines, ridges, and bulges?

• Does your panty selection match your clothing choice so that underwear lines aren’t visible?

• Does your bra fit and color selection ensure a flattering bustline, straps stay in place, bust aren’t bulging from the neckline and/or sleeve, and cups and lines aren’t visible through clothing?

• Are you wearing shapewear with fitted clothing to ensure smooth lines?

• Is the hem of your clothing the right length to neither reveal too much nor drag the ground?

• Are you wearing the right clothing and accessory colors?

• Are you discarding items from your wardrobe that have been faded, stained, tattered, dulled, or otherwise aged or broken?

• Are you checking your clothing and accessories for stray threads and cleaning and sale tags before each wear?

• Are you ensuring your clothing are wrinkle and lint free and are clean before each wear?

While these are small details, they make a big and powerful impact within your image and messaging power. After all, onlookers are likely to assume that you’ll pay as little attention to the details in your dealings with them as you have to the hem you’ve stomped on your wrinkled and stained pants.

Look Your Best To Be, Do, And Feel Your Best

The tiny touches can so easily make or break your look and each day’s goals. Yet, ensuring they’re up to par is such a tiny investment for the yield of lifetime profitability and success.

Take time to assess your wardrobe in detail, ensuring each is the right fit, style, color, and quality for your goals and mission. Take help and guidance if needed.

We want you to be, do, and feel your best, and that all starts with empowering you to look your best at all times and in all places. Remember, your wardrobe should be a toolbox full of confident-boosting items to compliment who you are and your desired personal/professional message.

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