How To Select Your Watches

A quality watch is an essential piece to your finishing touches as it makes a statement about your style and standing.?

Though watches are not all made of the same material and have the same embellishments they are similar in other ways and need care for the timepiece itself as well as the band and casing. ??

  • Whether your watch is expensive or not it is a precision piece and requires a professional for all maintenance no matter how trivial the repair may be. We would not hesitate to change the battery in anything we own, in some cases, even our cars. Changing the battery in your watch should never be attempted. In most cases, you can buy the battery with the service included for less than $10. Change the O-ring around the battery at the same time, as they always crack shortly after the battery is changed and leaves your watch vulnerable for water damage.
  • Take your watch to your jeweler for any maintenance or repairs. It can either be done in the shop or sent to the manufacturer for a professional repair. Do not shove it into a drawer to do later as dust and moisture may seep in, doing irreparable damage.
  • Care for the exterior of the watch can be done professionally at the same time the battery is changed.
  • Cleaning is done by hand and not dipped, but cleaner gently applied and wiped off with a soft cloth. Do not use an ultrasound machine as it will damage the timepiece.
  • Water-resistant and waterproof are two different terms. Some will allow you to go deep sea diving and others do not have much resistance at all. Know your limits with your watch and water before you even so much as take a shower with it on.

Watches are timeless pieces wear them with confidence and pride!



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