Selecting and Wearing Ladies Watches

I was window shopping and looking at different watches, and I was captivated by the many styles and types of watches that I noticed behind the display case. But as I was looking, I was approached by an older man, and he made an interesting comment. “Don’t waste your money on these expensive watches because they only tell the time,” said the man.

I was caught off guard by the comment, so I stopped to consider his perspective for a minute. However, I have to tell you that I have always valued quality over quantity. With that thought, I would like to share with you some tips on how to select the right watch.

Consider the Message

I know that many of you wear watches day and night and that people often use the same watch for every occasion. Like anything else, some watches are more suited for certain environments and events than others. The choice that you make will always be up to you, but taking the time to consider how each decision impacts you and the perspective of those with whom you interact will allow you to influence the way people respond to you.

A digital watch, for example, is bulky and durable, and digital watches were designed to be used in informal settings. If you are traveling during the day, working out or relaxing by the pool, a sports watch might suit your needs. In addition to being ideal for business settings and dinners, analog watches can also be used to compliment a formal outfit. The slim and stylish look of an analog watch can add a touch of class and elegance to almost any situation in which you find yourself.

You will find more reasons to wear watches today than ever before. Even though they are a nice way to tell the time, watches also serve to represent your sense of taste and style. Whether it’s our choice of words, body language or apparel, everything speaks of who we are and the principals for which we stand.

So the next time you are deciding which watch to buy or wear, keep your personality and the message that you want to communicate at the front of your mind. The size, color and design of a watch say more about you and your personality than you might realize, and keeping that fact in mind will allow you to enjoy the best possible results.

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