Personal Color Analysis – What Is Your Primary Neutral Color

Everyone has colors that work best with their look. Some individuals look better wearing a green outfit, while others look best in predominately red. This has a lot to do not only with skin tone, eye color and hair shade, but also the personality of the individual. It is rather difficult for anyone to determine what exactly their particular best color is, and even if they believe they have found it, this is just in their own minds. Those around them might not have the heart to tell them the color just doesn’t work. This is why it is so important to find a color analysis service. A color analysis allows individuals to sit down, have a consultation and determine what exactly the best color for them is and what is going to really improve their look and make their personalities pop.?

When someone meets with a color analysis specialist, the professional is able to provide some very important information for the individual. For starters, they are able to determine, depending on a variety of character traits, style desire and overall current appearance, what the best look for an individual is. This way, the person has a fair understanding of what color is going to work best with them as an individual, not just with their skin tone or hair color.?


From there the color analysis is able to properly color coordinate for both work and play. If it is found that a primary, neutral color of brown or an earth green best works with an individual, they still shouldn’t just wear that particular color the entire time. It needs to be broken up and paired with other colors. These other colors can play off one another, but it is never a good idea to just toss a few different shades together. The color analysis is able to determine what colors work best, not only together, but with you.?

After the color is selected, it is time for the makeup and hairstyle. A consultant can help anyone discover their inner and outer beauty. Many people just?don’t?know how to properly apply makeup and how to select makeup that works best for them. Many individuals go far too over the top when it comes to makeup, which can lead to failed job interviews and dates. However, with the color consultant, the individual receiving the consultation can now dress for success.



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