Matching Your Look With Your Looks

Wondering why your look isn’t bringing the best out of your looks? Like any relationship, it’s all about finding that perfect match between your physical features and style choices. 

Maybe, you’re great at makeup and hair? Maybe, clothing and accessories are your strong points? Either way, one often overlooked element of your total look being on point is that it needs congruency to be complete, authentic, enhancing, and appropriate. 

Regardless of which area you’re best at styling, you must pay equal attention to each element that goes into your look so that they can each work together to compliment one another and your image. Harmony! 


Look Symmetry In Three Easy Steps 

Step one here is understanding your own features. 

Consider your eye color and warm, neutral, or cool skin tone. Skin tone can be a bit tricky, but a white shirt analysis can help. Simply put on a white shirt against both gold and silver jewelry. If silver is more visibly appealing and veins keep their bluish hue, then you’re likely cool. Meanwhile, a gold aesthetic preference will typically signify a warm complexion. If neither gold nor silver make your veins look blue or yellow, then you’re likely working with a neutral complexion. 

Understanding how complexion and eye color impacts how clothing, accessories, and hair and makeup appear helps ensure symmetry. Otherwise, you risk clashes that confuse the eye and muddle your image’s intended message. 

What shape is your face? From heart and round to diamond and square, faces come in all shapes and sizes. Most people already know that face shape impacts what hairstyle looks best on you, but did you know that your clothing also frames your face? 

Let’s take the square face as an example of how face shape impacts what top you should wear. Forehead and jawline measurements are almost equal in a square face, but the jawline is flattened and the forehead is broader. It’s an angular face, and picking deep U, V, scoop, and cowl necklines in your garments can soften it.

There are many rules to matching makeup, hair, and clothing choices to both blend with each other and your personal features. Knowing these factors is a key part of an image consultant’s job. 

Step two here is knowing your place so that your look can match your environment. 

Have you ever seen that overdressed/ underdressed person with too much or too little makeup, hair, and accessories for the occasion? They stand out in all the wrong ways, right? That’s the importance of matching each facet of your look, from clothes to hair and makeup, to the occasion’s theme. 

Look to the tone of the event – casual, formal, evening, or business – to adjust your look accordingly. Consider the audience you’ll have and the possible activities you’ll engage in if there’s not a clear theme. 

Step three is knowing when to harmonize and when to be daring. 

Harmonizing colors resembling your natural hair, eye, and skin color are great for any occasion and look, but there are times when you want a more edgy look that can come from using complementary colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. 

In either case, the most important part is that the end result tells a specific story and doesn’t confuse the onlooker. In other words, if you’re wearing an elegant outfit, your makeup, accessories, and hair should keep with the same storyline of elegance. 

Need Help With Your Matches? 

It’s okay if you don’t know all the rules to hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories in matching your specific looks to your look. Image consultants work with clients every day to help them understand their features, colors and shapes to get the most out of their looks.



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