The Best Splash Isn’t Always The Biggest One: Accessorizing For Your Personal Style

Let’s dive into accessorizes for your personal style. Have you ever watched an Olympic high diver? From great heights, they gracefully launch themselves into a pool of water with almost no splash. All focus is on the spectacular dive and diver going straight through the water like an arrow at its target. Accessorizing isn’t much different than those beautiful dives when it’s done right.

Are You Making A Great Dive Or A Big Splash? 

The goal of accessorizing is to draw attention to you and your spectacular look, not make the biggest splash in the pool and offensively saturate your crowd’s eyes with too much visual stimulation. 

One of the biggest accessory mistakes people make is in buying accessories that are the wrong size, shape, color, or materials against their outfits and themselves. Doing so drives the attention to the splash instead of the diver, and that’s not the goal. 

Tips To Get A High Score In Accessorizing 

Always account for your personal style. What category do you best fit? What occasion and intent are behind the style choices? Such answers will help direct the number, type, and style of accessories. 

Don’t forget that the size of the accessory should be congruent with your body scale and size. The wrong size can drastically detract from your outfit of choice and leave onlookers dazed and confused. 

When it comes to color, make sure that the accessories are in perfect harmony with your personal coloring. Gold works best with warm coloring, for example, while silver works better with cool coloring. 

Just as different paint finishes look best on different surfaces, the material, and finish of your accessories, whether that be shine, sheen, or matte, will look ideal against certain clothing textures and prints. 

Do You Need More Help Accessorizing For Your Total Look? 

The pairings you make with the main components of your outfits can either sink them or elevate them to the next level. It’s the final touch to achieving that total look to cement the authenticity and value of your image. 

Yet, accessorizing is perhaps one of the most difficult components to get right in finding and developing your personal style. If you’re struggling, then it may be time to call in the pros. 

A professional image consultant can show you all the tricks and tips. During your consultation, you’ll discover so much about coordinating all your wardrobe choices, including matching the ideal accessories to outfits from all the dress code categories we discussed last week. 



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