How To Create A Signature Look

Do you have a signature look? If not, your style may be suffering in the confidence and energy departments, and you may be sacrificing your own personal prosperity. Let’s look at what makes a signature style and how you can bring your own authentic one front and center. 

Do I Need A Signature Look? 


The flagship of your personal style is that one look that just fits you like a glove. It compliments you perfectly, bringing out all your best features and minimizing those problem spots. You feel empowered, energized, confident, and ready for success. You look in a mirror to clearly see exactly what you’re about to communicate to the world before uttering a single word from your mouth. 

Beyond the inner advantages to your highest sense of self, a signature look becomes a distinguishing characteristic that onlookers can use to recognize you and your personal branding. 

So, why wouldn’t you want to continue onward with what you know is a winner!?! 

Your signature style revolves around just such a repetition of success. After all, repetition is the parent to learning and acting and the contractor of accomplishments. 

In repeating what works for your body and tastes, you establish a style reputation. 

Of course, your style preferences will evolve alongside factors like age, occasion, audience, and even trends. But, the value point of having a signature style is that it acts as a navigation tool to help you continuously make the best fashion choices in any circumstance so that your best look is always front and center. 

Establishing Your Signature Look 

Keep in mind that this isn’t something you create. It’s not something that you look to others in replicating or imitating. 

Instead, your signature style is all about fostering your aesthetic preferences to align with cuts, fabrics, colors, and other garment components that are best suited to your features. Yes, it’s all about you! 

Likewise, your hair, makeup, accessories, and other finishing touches should consider your signature style wardrobe. The goal is symmetry, and that means that each choice going into your look always works together. This allows for repetition of your look across every single facet of your wardrobe. 

Use The Universal 4X4 System To Figure Out Your Repetition 

Knowing your color is just as important as knowing your fit in establishing your signature style. 

I, for example, am a winter season. Using the Universal 4×4 Color System, I’m actually shaded winter. This means my best signature look repeats black and white with an element of high contrast, dramatic color. 

So, my wardrobe staples are in those primary colors, and I add brightly colored elements to complement each of the looks and add interest. What this does is allow me a diverse range of options that maintain an individuality whilst still repeating the same overall feeling and context of a look to establish my signature style. 

It may feel magical, but it’s actually just a matter of knowing what works for you and being savvy enough to hit the replay button for your wardrobe. 

As you start unleashing your signature style, remember that the primary objective is to allow your signature look to represent who you are – your purpose and your message. That means it must be authentic so that it can properly align the aesthetics of what people see with everything you are on the inside. 

Authenticity comes from being true to your best colors, fits, and designs, and allowing the day to guide your selection from the cream of the crop within your wardrobe. 

Once you’ve established a closet that completely represents your personal style, the next question is how do you know what to pick on what day, right? 

This is where your instincts take over. You’re dressing to express! So, ask yourself what that expression is today. How do you feel? Who is your audience? What’s the occasion? 

In closing, bringing your authentic signature look forward within your closet is a huge power move for establishing your personal branding and messaging. Any personal prosperity plan hinges upon you being consistent in representing yourself, and that includes establishing your signature look. 



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