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Before you put on that last splash of glittery eye make up, remember that a healthy diet and exercise routine go a long ways to keep your facial skin elastic and supple. You want to draw attention to your face, or more specifically to your countenance, and that includes your eyes, which are the window of your soul, and your smile, which lightens up the world around you. Be sure the make up you use draws attention to the sparkle of the real you and not to the make up itself.

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A professional overall look begins with taking care of the skin itself, even before anything else goes on. No matter at what age you start, nothing is more important than having a daily face regime that includes products with sun protection factors of at least 20 to 30. This is the single greatest deterrent to aging skin. Make up that starts with a skin protector can heal skin that is worn out by the sun, wind, and cold. Use a mild skin cleanser morning and night. A non-oily moisturizer comes next. Add a day cream to prevent dryness from the weather or a night cream to actively soothe the skin. Eye cream particularly keeps those wrinkles away.

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Now you are ready to apply the rest of your make up that people can see!

Foundation: Use a tinted moisturizer or a light liquid foundation that is a little bit darker than your natural skin color. One that is perfect for your complexion will usually be darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. If necessary, first apply a very thin concealer over dark spots. Though charming stars in old movies characteristically applied powder to the temple and nose to prevent shine, less powder or no powder at all is acceptable. Powder wrinkles and dries out the skin. For color, add a touch of strawberry blush brushed way up high on the cheek bone.
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Eyes: The wrong colors or too much color is the second common mistake.
You don’t have to use eye shadow at all; a little mascara on the top lashes only will brighten up your eyes.

Lipstick: Though ruby red lipstick might have been alluring in your 20’s, lighter lipstick or simply a lip gloss is best in later years. In fact, lighter make up colors all around is the best way to avoid mistakes that age you.

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