Fashion and Style for Professional Careers

Even though we want to keep fashion and style in mind, there are a couple of tiers of business dress to keep in mind. Here, we will talk about Business Professional and Business Casual. First, Business Professional:


The?primary outfit is the conservative business suit. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your conservative suit:

  • Solid?color?(preferably?gray,? dark?brown, charcoal, or navy) or pinstripe.
  • A nice, cotton-blend button-up dress shirt should always be worn underneath. This shirt should be white or light blue in?color. Try to avoid shirts that have more than one?color?tone.
  • Socks should be a solid?color?and preferably calf high.
  • Avoid thin or extra wide ties. Try medium length with soft, conservative?colors?(that matches your suit, of course!)

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The?primary outfit for women is also the conservative business suit. Some of the same rules apply as the men’s suit, such as:

  • Suit should be a solid?color?(preferably?gray, dark brown, charcoal, or navy) or pinstripe.
  • Dress shirt underneath should be white or a soft pastel.? Again, try to avoid?multi-colored?shirts.
  • Women should always wear full-length pantyhose with their suits.

A few extra tips for fashion and style for women include:

  • Business Professional workplaces are usually very conservative. Avoid low-cut shirts and or skirts that are less than knee-length.
  • The less accessories, the better. Avoid dangling and wide-hooped earrings. Avoid flashy bracelets and necklaces as well.

The second tier of business dress is Business Casual. This is a little more relaxed than?Business Professional, but there are still guidelines to follow.

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  • Long-sleeved button-up shirts are considered better than short-sleeved and are appropriate year-round. Try to wear a solid?color?(avoid bright pinks, yellows,?etc) or a striped shirt.
  • Khaki or dark pants (pressed and ironed) are appropriate as well.
  • Leather belts and shoes are usually the best bet. Avoid tennis shoes.
  • Ties are not usually required for this tier.
  • Same as men, although sweaters are acceptable. (Avoid sweaters that show cleavage)
  • Khaki or dark pants (pressed and ironed).
  • Leather belts and shoes are usually the best bet. Avoid tennis shoes.
  • Keep your?jewelry?conservative and soft as well.

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If your job accepts things such as Casual Fridays, you should still avoid jeans and tennis shoes, although for men, polo shirts are acceptable. It is even more relaxed than Business Casual, but you will always need to keep in mind when you are picking your wardrobe, that most workplaces want you to look (and act) your best!

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