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Those of you who follow my journey know a lot about my goals, challenges, and setbacks. Not many of you, however, know about the roadblocks I faced becoming a Certified Image Master (CIM). Since I encourage everyone to be honest with themselves about the choices they have made and the results they got, I’m ready to admit I tried many times to become a Certified Image Master and failed.

My biggest failure was the self-talk I allowed myself to do, telling myself I was not smart enough or good enough to do it. I gave up for five years without looking back, and it was one of the worst choices I have ever made.

Years after I had given up on my goal, I realized that I told people to chase their dreams no matter the cost. I told them that giving up is never an option, but I was forced to look at myself, realizing I was not living up to my own words. That is when I decided to go back and pick up where I left off, and I had to do it, I had to start all over again. I managed to put my CIM portfolio together for the fourth time, although I don’t have perfect English, I gave it my best effort and resolved to succeed no matter the cost.

Becoming a CIM requires a lot of motivation and determination, and you are the ones who inspired me to reach the next level, finally becoming a CIM. My fans and followers inspire me the same way I inspire them, and we all achieve much more when we support each other.

Consider your dreams and goals and decide what it takes for you to reach them. The steps you take today create your future in more ways than you think. My decision to give up shows that nobody is immune to the stress and issues of life, but you never know when and where inspiration will strike.

More than anything, my goal is to ?Lead by Example?, it is the only way that I will influence others to follow my foot steps in hope that they reach their full potential.?

Final Thoughts

Leading by example and building your personal brand is easy when you know the exact steps to take, to achieve the outcome you desire. My aim is to?equip?you, with as much?knowledge as I can. However, if you are still not sure and would like professional advice, we are here for you.?

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