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The old cliches, “You are what you eat,” “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” make you cringe when you hear them, but they stand the test of time for a reason. As humans, we judge, and likewise, you are judged by your appearance.?

As adolescents, we commonly hold tight to the idea that we can dress how we want because we desire to be unique and, well, frankly, rebellious. But as an adult, maturity should lead you to better choices so that your identity is not tied up in your clothes, but in the person you are. That being said, you are not judged on your personality, there isn’t time for that in the adult world. Save those quirky and unique looks for those closest to you. Choosing what to wear to different events and for different occasions can be confusing. Image consultant training can be a vital part of your success in any situation.?

As an adult, you recognize the value of a first impression. The first impression can make or break a deal in business, society, and even love. This idea grows even more complicated when you consider the various parts of your image that people have available to judge. In some situations, you will be judged by your visage: eyes, smile, and even hair. Sometimes, your clothing, shoes, and cleanliness will be paramount. Image consultant training can remedy the confusion taking the guesswork out of the successful first impression.

You don’t wear the same thing to the beach that you wear to church, and while this is an extreme example, the successful image is in the details. Color choice, fit, and style in regard to hair, clothes, make-up, and shoes are all important considerations. You must know the audience you are attempting to impress. Additionally, when attempting to negotiate a deal personally or professionally, sometimes the smallest detail can be the deal breaker. For example, if you are attempting to win an account or a new client, and you are competing in a tough industry where many applicants are equally matched, it may simply come down to the impression you make. That first impression must be handled delicately, and image consultant training can provide you the leg up you need.

If you fail to heed the importance of this first impression, quite simply, you will be “all washed up.”

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