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If you want to be perceived as a professional worthy of helping other business people take their businesses to the next-highest level, you must dress the part. Image consultant online training can help you reach the next step of your career.

Ladies Clothing
Image consultant training teaches you that you look much more professional when you wear a well-tailored skirt suit. Choose conservative colors such as charcoal, dark blue or gray. Your blouse must be white ? before you don it in the morning, press it. Your shoes should be a well-made black or brown dress shoes, well-polished. Wear pantyhose with no rips or runs. These should be flesh-toned or one shade darker than your natural skin tone.

The old saying, ?less is more? applies here. When you apply your makeup in the morning, do so in natural lighting. When applying blush, go for a naturally sun-kissed look. If you wear eyeshadow, choose a conservative shade (not intense blue). Your eyeshadow should be matte, not glimmery. Use a dark brown or brown-black eyeliner that you can blend gently. Choose the same color for your mascara ? brown or brown-black.


Choose a good-quality perfume that, when you apply it, will not overpower you or anyone in your immediate vicinity. Use image consultant training to teach clients that their coworkers may have significant allergies that, when aggravated by too much perfume, can make them ill.

Choose conservative earrings such as small silver or gold hoops or ear studs. Leave the shoulder-duster earrings at home. Wear a plain watch and one necklace. The days of multiple bangle bracelets or several necklaces are gone.

Men?s Clothing
Image consultant training teaches you to buy a high-quality dress suit. Choose dark blue, charcoal or gray. The fabric should have no loose threads or pills. Buy several high-quality white shirts with long sleeves. Your ties should be conservative (color and design).

Buy one or two pairs of high quality black lace-up shoes and have them professionally polished to a mirror shine. Your socks should be dress socks, black, gray or dark blue.

Image consultant training teaches you to keep your hair neatly cut, clean and groomed. If you have a mustache or beard, this should be neatly groomed. Get rid of protruding ear and nasal hairs. Your cologne should be conservative and applied with a light hand. Your coworkers may have significant allergies that, when aggravated by too much perfume, can make them significantly ill.

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