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The creation of a wardrobe that serves both function and purpose can be life-changing! The steps to get there require skill, expertise, experience, and vision. Personal stylists and image consultants must not only deeply understand the lifestyle, personality, body type, color profile, and goals of their clients, but they must also ensure a long-lasting transformation. The end game? A straightforward and clear wardrobe for your client that feels amazing and improves their life in many ways. In this blog post, we’ll help you determine how to price your wardrobe consultation services to ensure that you meet the highest professional outcomes and client goals.

Should You Set Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly Rates?

When it comes to pricing wardrobe consulting services, it can be difficult to figure out what your rate should be. Should you price your wardrobe consultation based on an hourly, daily or yearly rate? The main questions you must ask yourself are:

  • What is my client’s budget? This can be broken down into an hourly rate. What can you achieve with your client’s budget and how long will it take?
  • Am I working with what’s already in a client’s wardrobe or re-imagining a whole new wardrobe? Both? This would be a great candidate for a daily budget (14 days or 30 days, etc).
  • Does the client need the holy trinity of sort, shop, & style? This is, more than likely, a 3-month commitment, so opt for monthly pricing. 
  • Is the client interested in seasonal wardrobes? For seasonal commitments, monthly pricing makes the most sense.
  • Does the client need a high-touch experience and ongoing support? Consider yearly rates. 

In some cases you may simply be working on a special project with a set budget, in other cases, you may also have a high-profile client that simply doesn’t have time to shop or the bandwidth to manage their looks. The complexity and the comprehensiveness of the services that are needed will dictate your pricing for the most part. 

What Level Are You Playing At?

The suite of wardrobe services that you offer should rely greatly on your client’s goals, but also on the level of experience you have, and the complexity of the service you offer. When deciding on how to charge for your wardrobe consulting services, you must decide how comprehensive your wardrobe services actually are. You would be spending much more time on shopping trips, cookbook creation, outfit creation, personal shopping services, and even styling courses than you would on a one-off wardrobe edit or wardrobe consultation for one specific occasion or season. If you have high-level clients and are an experienced stylist, creating packages helps you outline major client goals and the steps it will take to get your client to where they want to be. The level you’re playing at should factor into the value of your services.

Are You Charging Too Much or Too Little?

Some clients will want more than a few new looks, and they’ll opt for total wardrobe edit and transformation. The formula to determine your pricing comes down to: “How much time will it take me to meet my client’s goal?” Ultimately, what you charge comes down to how confident you are in your ability to meet the clients’ goals within their desired budget. A good rule of thumb is to always offer a breakdown with three different options. The first is what it will take you to meet the client’s goal, the second is to enhance it, and the third is to maintain it. For example try The Edit Makeover, The Ultimate Edit Makeover, and The All-Year-Long Edit Makeover. Creating a nice hierarchy allows you to meet goals, but also to potentially upsell your services, offer a results-oriented road map, and give clients the option to evolve and maintain a relationship with you.

Are You An Expert?

Remember, each client is a unique and individual circumstance so flexibility is important. Nonetheless, many times YOU are the expert, and the client is looking to YOU for leadership. Packages and themes built around common client goals help them to envision their future and also see the value and necessity of your services. If you want to learn more about creating expert packages that your clients will love, join us at EMPOWER GROUP, where we help you take your business to the next level on a tried and tested path of success. GET 1 WEEK FREE NOW! CLICK HERE—>



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