How To Package & Price Your Styling Services – Beginning To End!

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Pricing your style consultations can vary significantly based on your experience, certifications, and of course, service offerings. A focus is always great because it showcases expertise and exposes you to your ideal customers. Focusing on appearance is a great way to broaden your customer base and appeal to a wide range of people. However, if you want to build a tighter specialty, such as offering professional branding and presence, this will likely be a more specialized service and therefore, you can charge more for it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can put all of your services together. You’ll get all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to price and package your services so that you can reach your perfect audience.

Finding Your Niche

Where are you most happy and effective when it comes to personal styling? Do you enjoy helping your customers feel great with an assessment, wardrobe edit, and shopping? Or are you more effective at helping them build their personal brand and increase their presence in specific areas of their life? A specialization is a key to your positioning, key to your messaging, and therefore key to your packages and pricing. Decide what specific services you are selling and then create bundles that make sense in order to help you and your customer reach their goals. 

ASK: What is my #1 styling strength? Is it identifying the best fits, a great eye for color, a keen sense of style, or an exceptional ability to strategize and meet client goals?

Decide On Pricing

Once you’ve finalized your specialties, you must decide how you will offer them. This is partly based on your expertise, but it is also based on the type of clientele you’re attracting. Are you working with services at an hourly rate, or charging a set fee for multiple services in a bundle? Consultants should always offer a base of core styling services and a premium experience, as well as open the doors to related services that can help clients achieve better overall and lasting results. Not many stylists charge based on a totally immersive experience. But your value as a stylist significantly goes up if you can seamlessly help your client make more money, increase their visibility, get through their divorce, reclaim a part of themselves that they’ve lost, and so forth!

Consider Retention Services

A good rule of thumb is to offer services based on growing your lifetime customer value. This means that you offer memberships, multi-month packages, and different levels of services that people can grow into with you. It’s good to road map out the lifetime customer journey from start to finish. Ultimately, you’re asking,

ASK: Where is your customer now? Where do they want to be? What steps (related services) are you offering for them to meet their #1 goal?

This is how to build long-term revenue, retain customers, and ensure referrals in the future. People will come back to you if you’ve made a significant positive change or impact on them. Be honest, can you make the greatest impact with one personal shopping service or color analysis? More than likely, you have a lot more to offer. 

Add Complimentary Services

When working with style, we are working with much more than just appearance. We are working with personality and communication. In the end, the goal should be to make a long-term positive impact on your customer’s life by capturing who they are. This means they walk away empowered, clear on who they are, and ready to level up in the next stage of their life. Offering services like make-up consulting, confidence, etiquette, or communication training enhances your services and adds significant value to your customer base. 

ASK: What area am I personally growing in?  How can I offer this growth to my clients as well?

Help! I’m Ready To Create My Packages

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