How to Price & Package Color Analysis – Beginning to End!

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There are plenty of reasons that adding color analysis to your list of services is a good business decision. It is also an invaluable service for your clients. A professional color analysis allows you to help your clients create well-being, confidence, and overall harmony in their inner and outer selves! While it’s possible for your clients to get an easy and automated online color analysis, it’s up to you to offer a highly specialized, invaluable, and powerful service unmatched by online tools. In this blog post, we’ll go over some packaging and pricing options for you to make more money and offer more value with color analysis. Let’s get into it!

Virtual Color Analysis

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to offer color analysis is online. You can reach more people, make the service accessible to clients no matter wherever they are, and answer questions on the spot. This is a great way to offer more options and more value to your pricing. Consider packaging this service in hourly increments.

In-Person Color Analysis

There are also plenty of reasons people prefer doing a color analysis in person versus online. While both services are comprehensive and individualized, an in-person session allows you to create a highly personalized and comprehensive experience and not just a service. In addition, in-person sessions allow you to add special touch points like bonus packages such as a VIP day, a personal shopping add-on, or an event theme like “Color, Champagne & Cupcakes.” Additionally, offering color analysis for groups, parties, corporate events, festivals or other forward-facing events that require in-person contact allows you to create more buzz and drum up more business. Remember, package deals always tend to generate more revenue! This service should also be priced based on time increments, as above. You can also have pricing set up based on the number of people for larger events. 

Seasonal Guidance and Report

If you are working with a styling client and they already know their colors, you can always add more value to them by offering a seasonal color analysis package. You can include a personalized digital color palette, a 20-minute video with tips, and a detailed written report. This ensures your clients can take immediate action and curate their best wardrobe. This item should include a set unit price. Consider offering it as an upsell.

Add A Color Swatch Book

A personalized color swatch book is a great, handy, and functional tool you can add in a digital or printable format. Whether this is a color swatch book or a color and fabric swatch book, now your clients can find their best colors instantly, while shopping with purpose, and saving time and money.  This is another item that will be priced according to value and not time.

Color Consultation (In Person or Online)

A great follow-up service after a thorough color analysis is to offer a video conference or in-person follow-up session. This color consultation session helps your customers explore their seasons and get any specific questions answered. Any consultation should always be sold in time increments. 

Color Analysis Training or Master Class

There are two ways to offer this service to your clients. The first is to create an online webinar or event where you train and teach your customers best practices for selecting and applying color. The second way is to partner with an image training company. Often, these companies will work with you as an affiliate and give you a percentage of sales for anyone you enroll in their color training sessions. Plus, if you have a client that loves color analysis and wants to get trained in it, this is a win-win! The pricing on this can vary. If you’re doing the training, you can charge for your event as a whole. If you are working with an image training partner, the affiliate fees must be discussed directly with them.

Consider Certification in the Universal 4×4 Color System

Ready to get certified in the new 4×4 ByFerial Color System? The new 4×4 universal color system analyzes the undertone, hue value, and intensity of skin, hair, and eye color to create a distinctive color palette. It also caters to all skin types, ensuring the best possible result. What makes this system unique is that it includes a new and highly useful addition called pure colors. Pure (Clear) colors fall into three categories. They can be tinted (lightened), toned (softened), or shaded (deepened) depending on the color in question. Many experienced and knowledgeable image consultants have implemented this system for use with their own clients. In fact, it has been known as the most up-to-date system as well as the only system that works for people of all skin types. 

If you are an image consultant and have been trained by another system and would like to convert, learn, and be certified in The Universal 4X4 Color System to offer the best possible value for your clients CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!




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