How to Determine Your Sub-Seasons

Do you really want to see how the ByFerial 4×4 color system can change your life? Then it’s imperative to find not only your main color seasons but also your sub seasons. While the 4 seasons have been the foundation for color analysis, new research has uncovered that within each of these groups exist various hues, lightness, and color purity. In fact, no eye color, hair color, and skin tone is the same and the unique combination of our natural features can actually be enhanced when we learn how to apply sub-seasons. 

In this post, we’ll give you a short guide to help you distinguish your sub-seasons within the foundational four seasons of the color wheel. Once you know your sub-seasons, you can create a look of harmony and perfection in fashion, make-up, and interior design.

What Are The Sub Seasons?

The 4×4 color system adds four separate categories to the traditional warm, cool, deep, and light seasonal color analysis. In the 4×4 system, we will look at your natural energy (personality), skin undertones (hue), hair color (value), and eye color (chroma). This purity is on a scale from bright, light, medium, or dark. Within each category below, you will discover how pure your natural coloring is. Let’s take a look at where you are at!


Pure colors are the cool and bright colors within each season. The purest colors will be the most saturated and clear. 

4x4 Color Wheel - PURE


Tinted colors are the lightest hues of each season. They are a combination of the purest hue and the color white. 4x4 color - TINT


Toned colors represent the medium range of colors within each season. These colors are not too light and not too dark. They are a combination of a pure hue mixed with the color gray.

4x4 color -Tone


Shaded colors are the deepest color shades in each season. The dark variation is a mixture of the pure hue of each color with black.

4x4 Color - SHADE

TIP: Need to find your season? Learn how to find your undertone, hue, value, and intensity CLICK HERE.

How Do I Find My Sub Season?

Step 1. Take a Selfie

To begin your color analysis grab your smartphone, computer, or camera. Put on a top that exposes your neck and collarbone. Next, stand facing a big window if you’re indoors. If you’re outside, try to go for an overcast day, or find a shady spot like under a doorway, bridge, or tree. Take a face-only selfie, from the neck up looking straight at the camera. 

Step 2. Color Analyze Your Face

Look at the image of yourself and more specifically the most prominent color in your eyes, skin, and hair. You will use these features to create the basis of your seasonal color palette. Each color will then be matched to a color season with similar settings. 

Step 3. Upload Your Photo

For more accuracy, one of the best ways to get a detailed assessment of your sub-category colors is to upload your image into an app like the ByFerial 4×4 Color Analysis app, This app gives you the ability to self-analyze your face within the subcategories of each season, and get the most accurate color dimensions based on the 16 seasons color system.

Become A 4×4 Certified Color Analysis Expert

If you need more help discovering your subcategories, or want to get trained in the incredible and life-changing 4×4 color system, join us at ByFerial, where we offer professional certification, training, and support to give you the most powerful color tools to become the absolute best version of yourself. GET 1 WEEK FREE NOW —> CLICK HERE!




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