How to Determine if You are Warm Seasons


Have you ever fallen in love with a color, only to find yourself looking tired, drab, and worn out in it? Unfortunately, if one hasn’t discovered the power of color seasons this is an all too common occurrence that results in clutter, disappointment, and a waste of time and money. The good news is that by simply finding out if you are a warm or cool season, you can avoid these complications and dress to enhance your natural beauty and make a big impact in a very simple way. In this post, we’ll go over how you can find your color season. More specifically, are you a warm season? Get ready to find your perfect warm colors!

What Are Warm Color Seasons

Warm color seasons are a palette of warm colors personalized to the unique features of an individual’s personality, skin tone, eye tone, and hair color. They are based on subcategories within each of the four seasons.

How To Determine If Your Personality Is Warm

If you are an extroverted personality type, like to be out and about, love attention, and have a brighter disposition. You’ll likely be in a warm category here moving towards a bright and vivid color palette.

How To Determine If Your Skin Tone is Warm

Before you begin exploring the colors in your features, stand against a white wall and take a picture of your face. This will help you get an accurate representation of your natural skin tone coloring. Next, to determine whether you have a warm skin tone, you will need to determine your skin undertone first. To do this, you will be looking for either cool or warm undertones. If your undertones are warm, your skin will have yellow to golden undertones. Next, move into direct sunlight and look at the veins on your arms. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. Last but not least, ask yourself: Do I tan easily? If the answer is “Yes”, then your skin tone is likely warm.

How To Determine If Your Eyes Are Warm

To do this exercise, go ahead and pull up a magnifying mirror and look deeply into each eye. Write down all the various colors you can detect and notice whether they are more muted and dark versus light and vibrant. If you find tones such as brown, hazel, or amber, you fall into the warm season category in this department.

How To Determine If Your Hair Is Warm

The truth is that most of us have dyed our hair, lost hair, or simply aged. Therefore, what we want to do here is examine your natural color. If your hair is gray, you will be in a cool category here. Otherwise, deep chestnut, caramel, rich brown, red, auburn, yellow, and strawberry blonde hair colors fall into the warm season category. Remember, if you have natural highlights from the sun, you will also fall into the warm-tones hair category. 

How To Determine The Best Colors For Warm Seasons

In conclusion, if your traits are primarily warm, you will be exploring the following subcategories of the warm seasons:

  • Pure Spring, Tinted Spring, Toned Spring, and Shaded Spring
  • Pure Autumn, Tinted Autumn, Toned Autumn, and Shaded Autumn

This is especially important for make-up, sunglass rims, hats, scarves, and other items that will be on or near your face, as well as clothes in general. 

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