Fashion Consultant: Your Ticket to Stardom

Are you a person with great style, who friends are always asking for fashion and image advice? Are you well-versed in the classics, but comfortable choosing what ‘works’ from this season’s trends?? Are you interested in running your own business and earning extra income? If so, a career as a fashion and image consultant might be a perfect fit!

Image Consultants Training Anyone can claim that he or she is an image consultant, but our company is going to help you take the guess work out of the business.?ByFerial?offers the top image consultant training program in the business.? We will help you learn how to attract and retain top level clientele, assess their current image and style, understand their goals, and help them build a plan for revamping their image and style within their budget and lifestyle.? Our image consultant training program prepares you for how to communicate with your clients in a professional manner and address their concerns, all while creating great ‘success stories’ that you can add to your professional portfolio.

Image Consultants Training

Let’s face it. People are busy. High net worth individuals (your future clients) don’t always have time for personal upkeep or to read the latest fashion and beauty magazines. They hire out so many other personal services – hair, nails, car detailing, housekeeping, even cooking – it stands to reason that these same people need a little boost in the image department.? After completing our image consultant training program – that’s where you come in. These people won’t trust anyone to revamp their appearance – they demand a trained professional who is certified by?ByFerial.

Just think of the possibilities that await you after you complete image consultant training and become a?ByFerial?certified image consultant. You get to help women (and men!) feel better about themselves using our proven techniques. And – you won’t be limited in how you use your certification. You can help people with makeup, fashion, style, overall image, and “look” in as many ways as you can dream. You can work as a personal consultant, as a stylist for a video shoot or fashion show, at a party, or as a personal shopper.?

Image Consultants TrainingThe best part is you get to set your own hours and choose your career path. Meet and network with other?ByFerial?image consultants who have completed our image consultant training program.? Become recognized in your community as a certified image consultant and watch your business grow.

Please?contact?ByFERIAL?to find out how our image consultant training programs can empower you for this most exciting and satisfying career.?



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ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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