6 Secrets on Setting Your Successful New Year?s Resolution

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Can you believe that another year passed? It is this time of year when we become introspective and think about what we have achieved so far and what we wish to achieve yet in life. Looking back on the year passed, we ask ourselves: Was it well spent? Did I achieve my dreams? Were my relationships fulfilling? Am I on the right path?

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Setting a New Year resolution is what many of us do at the start of the year as we see it as an opportunity to re-evaluate our life and set goals that will help us to achieve our dreams. Making a New Year resolution is not about changing yourself to meet other people’s expectations, but to be the best youcan be. It is about being true to yourself and your vision of who you really are and the life you want for yourself. So set realistic goals and look ahead with confidence, persistence, courage, and a heart full of love.

How to set a New Year resolution

One of my favourite quotes is a reminder of the difference between wishes and goals ??Wishes are just dreams whereas goals are backed by action?? It is easy to make resolutions but as many of us know, they are far harder to keep. By following these simple guidelines, you can start to change your life by meeting the goals you set yourself.

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  1. Choose only one or two resolutions each year.?The more resolutions you make, the less likely you are to keep them. Many people set a long list of unachievable New Year?s resolutions; however, by focusing on just one or two resolutions, you are more likely to make the many small changes in your life necessary in order to achieve them.?
  2. Imagine your life after you achieve your goal. If you can’t imagine such a life, then your chances of achieving it are not good. So spend time every day imagining you living that life. Visualization is an important technique used by champions all over the world.
  3. Post visual reminders of that goal around your home and office.?By keeping it in the forefront of your mind, your goal will remain a priority until you achieve it. Out of sight is, unfortunately, out of mind.? When you are constantly reminded of your goals, it is easier to make the right choices. Make a collage of what you want to achieve and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Make a mind Map!
  4. Make sure it is a goal you really want for yourself, not what others want for you.?Often we are influenced by the people around us and try to change our lives to please them. However, unless it is something we really want for ourselves, we will never achieve that goal.? Writing your thoughts down and daydreaming are two great ways to work out what goals are really important to you. Do it consistently and you may be surprised to discover that the goals you have been failing to achieve every year aren’t really important to you, and that is why you have been failing.

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  1. Have a action plan and timeframe for how you are going to achieve your goals.?Write this plan up and paste it somewhere you will pass every day. Evaluate your progress against that plan regularly. The constant reminder will prompt you, consciously and subconsciously, to pursue your dreams.
  2. ?Talk to others about your goals and dreams.?By articulating them out loud, the more real your dreams will feel and the more driven you will be to achieve them.

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So remember, dream, plan and put your goals into action.? Each time you achieve one of your goals, you will boost your confidence and give impetus to your dreams. Each time you meet a goal, you are a step closer to living the life you want for yourself, the life you deserve. I was watching Oprah Winfrey one day and what she said had such a great impact on me ?… You only live once and we are all waiting for you to be the most amazing person you can be??

So go ahead and make a resolution this year to change – or achieve – one thing of significance to you and only you. Most of all, remember to enjoy the journey. Laughter, love, family, personal success – make time to enjoy all the little moments in your life as well as the big ones.

Happy New Year from the ByFerial team!

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