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Style reflects much more than just what you wear. It expands deeply into who you are as a person. Each one of us has our own unique age and shape, but also beauty and personality. In fact, it is your personality that unlocks the image that makes the greatest positive impact on you and your environment. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to tap into your personality to reflect the key aspects of yourself in your everyday style to make the most powerful impact!

ByFerial image training is based on seven distinct personality style types. While personality style is not the same as a personality type (like the Enneagram or Myers Briggs), knowing a bit about your character, passions, and temperament does greatly help to tap into your style type as well. The truth is, most of us can be a mix of 2 or more personality types based on moods and lifestyle. The goal is to find what resonates most with you and then build your image around that.

One of our favorite ways to think about personality is to consider the energy of the person. Are you introverted or extroverted? How would you describe your movements? Your voice? You may immediately get a sense of brightness, noise, or quiet, and calmness.

TASK: Write out your top 5 personality traits!

The task above should give you a pretty good idea of your natural personality. Next, it’s time to weave your personality into what attracts you. What sort of styles are you drawn to in images, media, or magazines? What is your favorite outfit of all time?

TASK: Write out 3 actresses whose style and energy you admire.

In order to find what sort of clothes will compliment your personality best, it’s time to get clear on how you are at home, at work, and in your social life. Can you detect common themes in your clothing? Where do you feel most like yourself? What sort of clothing pieces that you own make you feel most at home in your lifestyle?

Now, let’s define your personality style!

Are you…

The Classic

A classic personality is lady-like, tailored, timeless, and simple. This personality style will look fabulous in items like cashmere sweaters, pearls, white sneakers, trench coats, a little black dress, white dress shirts, blazers, and knee-length skirts and dresses.

The Feminine

A feminine personality style is most closely related to the romantic. Think flow, soft, sophisticated, charming, drape, and flirty! Floral patterns, ruffles, lace, victorian ankle boots, ankle straps, and softer colors will bring this personality to life!

The Dramatic

This personality style is bold, dramatic, and striking. Items that are stiff, asymmetric, geometric, oddly shaped, and contrasting work wonders. This style type thrives on unconventional designs. They are intense, dignified, theatrical, and will do well with animal prints like leopard or zebra, powerful and elegant man suits, bold and chunky accessories, shiny and shimmery textures, bold colors, and large-scale patterns.

The Natural

The natural and sporty style of this personality does great with looks that are functional. These people have a laid back and easy going nature, so their clothes can reflect activity, landscapes, the outdoors, and nature. From relaxed fits like oversized, shapeless garments to layering, fringes well as botanical and tribal patterns, the sky really is the limit with this type.

The Creative

The creative type is the artist. They have their own original style which can be unusual, yet also colorful and , of course, creative! A great way to build upon this style is to have some basics that can be enhanced and decorated. For example, leather jackets, trench coats, blazers, and camisoles, denim blouses and black mini skirts can be the backbone for something more experimental and art inspired. Ultimately, this personality type loves to channel their own inspirations and be true to their expansive nature that breaks the barriers of conventional thought.

The Elegant Dame

The elegant personality is very chic. The style is anything that is precisely fitted, minimalistic, timeless, and also luxurious. Think: little black dress, a tan trench coat, pencil skirts, darker denim and straight leg pants, tailored blazers as well as cardigans for your staple wardrobe.

The Sexy Style

This personality style is sexy and alluring. Anything tight, body hugging, monochromatic, luxurious, stylish and soft works wonders in creating this image. This personality type loves high heels, low necklines, red colors, romantic textures, and anything that shows off their shape. Like with the other styles, it’s possible to combine casual basics with seductive, sexier pieces that draw the eyes to key body focal points.

One major step in determining your colors with the ByFerial universal 4×4 color system is personality. Ultimately, the brighter, louder and extraverted the personality, the brighter and more vivid their colors. In turn, the more introverted, quiet and slow in movement and decision making, the lighter and softer their colors will be. Ready to learn more about how ByFerial’s universal 4×4 color system can do for you, your clients, and your business? Join ByFerial’s EMPOWER GROUP to get top color and personality training, tools, and certifications that can take your business, your image, and your life to the next level. —> GET 1 WEEK FREE TODAY!



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